Joe Biden's Brain Leaves Him Hanging Multiple Times During Mock-Worthy Speech on 'Bidenomics'

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Joe Biden, known for his deep work ethic amid spending nearly half his presidency on vacation, decided to not take Labor Day off. Instead, he showed up in Philadelphia, PA, to tout his shining economic record of sky-high grocery prices and unaffordable housing, otherwise known as "Bidenomics." 


No one has ever been more proud of an abject failure than Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. 

"It's working," the president proclaims as mortgage rates approach eight percent, making homeownership a distant dream for most Americans. "It's working," Biden shouts as the cost of groceries far outpaces wage gains and gas prices continue to approach $4.00 a gallon again. Sure, it's working like a swift kick to the face. 

Somehow, despite an economic record that would make Jimmy Carter look like a success, Biden has also managed to blow up the national debt. You'd think such an increase in government spending would at least paper over some of the worst results, but nope, we are getting the worst of both worlds. The president won't admit that, though. Instead, he keeps telling the following lie over and over. 


The latter claim is flatly false. The national debt has exploded under Biden. But even the former claim is highly misleading. The current deficit is still astronomically higher than pre-COVID levels. Whatever "cuts" occurred happened after the money from the American Rescue Act ran out. Saying "our grandkids" will be left holding the bag isn't even true anymore. At this rate, middle-aged Americans will be left holding the bag themselves. 

Of course, is it any wonder Americans are in that position when the guy leading the country can't even remember what state he served for 36 years? 

Did Pennsylvania bus ballots over to Delaware or something? Otherwise, Biden saying that Philadelphia is responsible for him ending up in the Senate doesn't really add up, and the biggest tell that it doesn't add up is the president saying, "That's not a joke." Whenever he uses that phrase, you can rest assured he's saying something nonsensical or untrue. 


It continued from there, with Biden also forgetting what year he was inaugurated.

This is fine, though. It's no big deal that many Americans are struggling to make ends meet amidst constant price increases because the current president can't even remember when he took the oath of office. I'm sure it'll all just work out. More likely, it's all just going to get worse, though, and that's thanks in no small part to Republicans who seem intent on losing to an invalid again.


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