Democrats Froth and Seethe After John Kennedy Reads 'Gender Queer' During Senate Hearing

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Sen. John Kennedy made waves on Tuesday after he read excerpts from the book Gender Queer, among others, during a hearing. 

The book in question is available in various public schools across the country and has become a symbol of the left's attempt to sexualize children. In light of that, parents across the political spectrum have risen up in order to reassert their rights and demand the removal of pornographic materials from classrooms.


Astonishingly, Democrats have doubled down, proclaiming that Republicans are instituting "book bans" by passing laws to stop school libraries from stocking sexual content. Some states, such as Illinois, have even gone so far as to pass laws against the removal of pornographic materials from classrooms and libraries.

To illustrate how insanely incoherent that is, Kennedy decided to read directly from Gender Queer during a hearing in which multiple LGBT activists were present and testifying. The responses he received said everything.

Hang on. Why are those words "disturbing?" I mean, if it's disturbing enough that it shouldn't be read in the U.S. Senate, certainly it should not be available for kids to read, right? That would be the logical conclusion to draw, but no one has ever accused the modern Democratic Party of being logical or consistent.


Kennedy's reading was reminiscent of a press conference Gov. Ron DeSantis did in early 2023, where he showed pictures from Gender Queer. Once the pictures were put on screen, mainstream media outlets were forced to censor their own streams, proving the point better than any verbal argument ever could.

It wasn't just the Illinois Secretary of State who was left seething, though. Everyone's favorite left-wing social media hack, Aaron Rupar, tried to mock Kennedy and failed miserably.

Here's a question for Rupar: Why does Kennedy's reading from Gender Queer make him uncomfortable? Why does he think it's out-of-bounds and something worthy of mockery? I mean, if this book is fine for children to read in public schools, why wouldn't it be fine for a senator to read it on Capitol Hill during a hearing?

That is the ideological corner that Democrats have painted themselves into. I think most of them know Gender Queer doesn't belong in schools and that sexualizing children is wrong (I say most because there are definitely some who don't believe that). But left-wingers are so beholden to the LGBT lobby that to simply speak that basic truth would be considered sacrilege. Thus, you end up with these absurd situations where Democrats throw a fit over Republicans simply pointing out what the left actually supports. I say keep it up. Make them look themselves in the mirror.


Editor's Note: This article was edited post-publication for clarity.



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