Fani Willis Slams Jim Jordan in Arrogant, Sarcastic Response to Congressional Inquiry

Fulton County DA Fani Willis has responded to Rep. Jim Jordan's demand for answers regarding her RICO case against Donald Trump and 18 other co-defendants. 


Jordan opened a probe into the prosecutions in late August and sent a letter to Willis noting her conflicts of interest and the federal interests at play. 

Jordan went on to detail how the indictments affect federal interests and questioned potential coordination between the district attorney's office and the Justice Department, which recently indicted the former president for a slew of charges related to the 2020 presidential election. He demands that Willis turn over specific documents by September 7.

Willis has now responded, and she did so with the typical unearned arrogance she's carried herself with for her last several years in the spotlight. In a letter leaked to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which gives a pretty good idea of who leaked it, Willis tells Jordan he has no right to "interfere" in her affairs and suggests he go buy a law book because he lacks "a basic understanding of the law."

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told GOP Rep. Jim Jordan that he lacked "a basic understanding of the law, its practice, and the ethical obligations of attorneys generally and prosecutors specifically" after he sent her a letter in late August "demanding information and communications" and helped start a congressional inquiry of her prosecution against former President Donald Trump. 


By trying to obstruct the prosecution, Willis wrote, Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee were violating the ever-heralded principles of state sovereignty, which she wrote is "offensive and will not stand."

Believing that Jordan's RICO charge-related questions were "misinformed," Willis also suggested Jordan purchase and read a $249 law book, "RICO State-by-State."


Of course, many people who have far more than a "basic understanding of the law" have questioned Willis' plan to use RICO statutes in a case where there is very little direct evidence of a grand criminal conspiracy to overthrow the election. Her case is largely predicated on lots of statements that, on closer examination, appear to have been just desperate shooting from the hip by Trump and his associates. There are also recordings of those who organized the "alternate electors" stating they were not trying to pass themselves off as the real electors but were intending to preserve the ability to legally challenge the election.

Regardless, there is likely little Jordan can do to compel Willis to cooperate. If a subpoena was issued, she'd almost certainly fight it, likely tying the matter up in court longer than it would be relevant. There's also no reason to believe she'd produce documents nor discuss her legal strategy voluntarily while she's in the middle of pursuing these cases. 

It's not the answer many will want, but there's essentially nothing any federal official can do to Willis, no matter how out-of-bounds she travels. In the end, it will be up to the judge in the case to keep things within the lines, and given what's transpired so far, there's little reason to believe he'll do that.




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