CNN Went to Bat for a Pedophile, Then the Community Note Dropped

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Little surprises me anymore when it comes to the low-rated cable news network CNN. It's pretty much par for the course to see the outlet spread partisan propaganda, and certainly, obfuscating from news that's inconvenient to the network's chosen narrative is commonplace. 


But even then, there are times when something gets published that leaves me dumbfounded. That happened on Tuesday when a tweet went up decrying two men in Uganda being charged with "aggravated homosexuality." 

When you read that, what's the impression you are given? Maybe I'm crazy, but it sure reads like CNN is defending the two men, heavily insinuating they are being wrongly charged under a law the network describes as "controversial."

Sure enough, when you get into the CNN piece, it's centered on criticism of Uganda's laws. Yet, there's also this.

Two men in Uganda are facing separate charges of “aggravated homosexuality,” an offense punishable by death under the country’s controversial new anti-gay laws.  

A 20-year-old man in the district of Soroti in eastern Uganda was charged on August 18 after he allegedly, “performed unlawful sexual intercourse with one [man] aged 41 with a disability,” Jacqueline Okui, spokesperson for the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions told CNN.  

Well, that's interesting. The man is not being charged simply for having gay sex. Rather, he's being charged for what seems like something akin to statutory rape but without the age restrictions, i.e. having sex with someone who can't consent. Does CNN object to that? If not, then why are they framing the story as controversial? 

It gets worse, though, when you dig into the details of what the second man is charged with. 

Another man was charged with “aggravated homosexuality” last month in Jinja district in eastern Uganda for allegedly performing “a sexual act with a child aged 12 of the same sex,” according to Okui.  

Both men are under remand and will appear in court in September.     

CNN goes on to continue to decry Uganda's laws, calling them anti-LGBT and using testimony from activists as evidence. 

Here's my thing with this. Even if one agrees that Uganda's laws are too harsh, how in the world is that point being made by citing two individuals charged with what amounts to rape, with one instance involving a 12-year-old boy. Does no one at CNN stop to think about how their framing is coming across? Defending pedophiles as a way to prop up the LGBT agenda is not helping the LGBT agenda. It just makes CNN look like a deranged organization that will defend anything to push a given narrative. 


We also live in a day and age where social media doesn't let news outlets get away with stuff like this any longer. Sure enough, the community note showed up later in the day. 

Many people have warned about the coming normalization of pedophilia in an attempt to cover for the broader LGBT lobby. Is CNN doing anything to dispel that fear? Surely, there are some editors there who can stand up and say, "We shouldn't defend the pedophile in trying to make this point." Or maybe there aren't. Maybe that's the problem.


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