New Questions Swirl About What Prompted Joe Biden's Original Involvement in Ukraine

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New questions are swirling about Joe Biden's involvement in Ukraine while he served as vice president during the Obama administration. 

Biden infamously threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine in exchange for securing the firing of then-prosecutor Viktor Shokin. More recent evidence has shown one of the founders of Ukrainian gas company Burisma hired Hunter Biden with the express intent of mining the Bidens for influence in order to get Shokin fired. 


How did things get to that point, though? A newly unearthed exchange from 2014 is providing a major clue. A "senior administration official" (at the time) gave a press briefing on background about Biden's now-infamous trip to Ukraine. According to one answer given, the now-president may have actually requested the role of overseeing American foreign policy in Ukraine. From there, the timeline only gets more suspicious. 

Q    Could you just say how this trip came about?  Obviously the Vice President has a long history of diplomatic relations with Ukraine.  Was this something that was his initiative?  Did the President ask him to go because of those relationships?  Or how did that come?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  The reason I’m pausing here is it’s one of those -- it’s one of those conversations where it’s a little hard to say whether the President asked him or he said I want to go.  It grew out of a conversation that the two of them had, and both of them agreed that it was important for the U.S. to send a high-level signal of support for all of the lines of effort that this government is undertaking.

The corruption apparent in Joe Biden's abuse of American aid to secure to firing of a prosecutor who was investigating the company his own son worked for stands on its own. You wouldn't even need anything more than that to create calls to resign if we were talking about a Republican. But the above answer, stipulating that Joe Biden may have actually requested to visit Ukraine and to take a leading role there takes things a step further. 


That's where the timeline comes in. Devin Archer, who recently testified in the House Oversight Committee's investigation into Biden family corruption, was told by Hunter Biden to buy a burner phone on April 13th, 2014. Just days later, Archer met with Joe Biden in the West Wing of the White House. On April 21st, 2014, the then-vice president was wheels-up, headed to Kyiv where he would eventually get Shokin fired. 

There's no reason to believe that the flow of events shown above is a coincidence. Did Joe Biden specifically go to Barack Obama to position himself as the lead in Ukraine as part of a scheme to enrich his son (and by virtue, his family)? And did the infamous trip to Kyiv that ended with a big win for Hunter Biden and Burisma stem from the conversation with Archer? It certainly looks that way. This onion has a lot of layers, and we aren't near the center yet.



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