George Gascon's Own Employees Are Being Terrorized, and Even 'Bleeding-Heart Liberals' Have Had Enough

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Woke District Attorney George Gascon continues to lose support in Los Angeles as crime rages out of control, and now even his own employees are being terrorized. 


According to a new report, former supporters of Gascon are turning on the far-left prosecutor, hiring their own security, and speaking out about the situation. 

Democrats who voted for Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón said they want the top prosecutor out because his progressive policies have created a “zombie town” where “smash and grab” robberies continue to climb.

Former Gascón supporters told The Post scenes like the mob of at least 50 crooks who plundered $100k worth of goods from a Nordstrom department store at the Topanga Mall on Saturday are becoming more commonplace because crooks don’t fear the consequences.

“I call myself a bleeding heart liberal, anti-gun and voted for Gascón because I thought he was going to be sensible and make reforms like he promised,” said one former supporter who wanted to remain anonymous because she is involved in Democrat party politics. 

Smash-and-grab robberies have become commonplace under Gascon's tutelage, and he's often refused to prosecute (or prosecute harshly) those that are committing them. That's left businesses, both big and small, reeling, with some being forced to close up shop. 

“We are f—ing terrified because these start out as low-level crimes, but it has gradually exploded. These criminals are not getting prosecuted and they know it. It’s off the rails.”

It's not just stolen goods that are a problem, though. Violent crime has also plagued Los Angeles, and one of Gascon's own employees was assaulted by a homeless man on the street. After that incident, Gascon's office instituted a transportation program that used DA investigators as drivers, further straining resources.


Sources in Gascón’s office told The Post even his own staff feel unsafe, after a female employee was attacked by a homeless man earlier this year as she was walking to her commuter train at the Downtown LA Union Station after work.

Gascon's refusal to charge misdemeanors and to target the problem of homeless drug addicts has exasperated the problem, as has Prop 47, which legalized shop-lifted for all intents and purposes. As long as thieves steal under a certain threshold, they are basically just given a ticket, incentivizing continued criminal activity. Gascon has also made a habit of not seeking sentence enhancements regarding gun charges, and with California's cash bail system, violent criminals end up right back on the streets.

Of course, while it seems obvious just how horrible things are going under Gascon's leadership, accountability isn't assumed. He's already survived one recall attempt, and until Californians decide to actually vote in a way consistent with their complaints, nothing will change.


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