New Information on the January 6th Committee Revealed During Trump Protective Order Hearing

Judge Tanya Chutkan held a hearing over a DOJ-requested protective hearing against Donald Trump on Friday, with a split decision ultimately being handed down. Specifically, the defense proposal was adopted but narrowed down to give Jack Smith some wins regarding what is considered sensitive content and who can review it.


There were interesting exchanges during the hearing, including some jokes at the former president’s expense as well as some interesting information on how Chutkan will deal with political matters related to the case. There was also a mention of the January 6th committee that is likely to make waves.

According to Thomas Windom, a prosecutor for the DOJ, the January 6th committee has given them transcripts that have not been released to the public.

What those transcripts include isn’t known and apparently won’t be known as they will be considered “sensitive” information under Chutkan’s stipulations for the protective order. It is possible, perhaps even probable, that statements from some of Trump’s own associates are in the mix as that seems to be a primary building block of Jack Smith’s case.


This revelation points to the January 6th committee working hand-in-hand with the special counsel as it targets Trump. It also provides more evidence that the committee did not reveal all the information it had during its own hearings despite a nod towards transparency and letting the facts speak for themselves.

Returning to the special counsel, Smith seems to be very concerned about information getting into the public sphere before he and his team can present it at trial. As of now, it seems like he’ll be offered some protection on that front.


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