I Regret to Inform You There's Now an AI 'Jesus,' and Hoo Boy

I tried to tell you that 2023 would inevitably get crazier, and you didn’t listen.

Alright, I take that back. Almost all of you listened because it didn’t take divine knowledge to make that prediction, and speaking of divine knowledge, I regret to inform you that there’s now an AI “Jesus” app that is as terrible as you’d imagine.


According to a report, the controversial app is called “WWJD: What Would Jesus Do,” and it purports to deliver Jesus’ viewpoints within a “modern context.”

The “WWJD: What Would Jesus Do?” app employs artificial intelligence to give users the ability to have a conversation with the platform’s “Jesus” in the same way they may have a text messaging session with a friend. It’s rated 4.8 out of 5 stars and is one of the top apps when users search for “Christian AI.”

I’m left hoping the people behind this app are just atheistic scammers looking to make a quick buck off gullible Christians because the alternative, i.e. that they believe this is acceptable in any true Christian context, is far worse. One doesn’t even have to address the answers this thing gives to blow it up on theological grounds, though we’ll get to the answers. Believe that.

You’re average ten-year-old in Sunday school knows that it’s a sin to have any “gods” before the actual God. That’s literally the First Commandment. Guess what you are doing when you let an AI masquerading as Jesus interpret scripture for you and give you life advice? Then we only have to make it to the Third Commandment before it runs afoul again. What do you call assigning an AI the role of “Jesus?” You call that taking the Lord’s name in vain.


The good news is, as of now, the AI in question doesn’t violate the Sixth Commandment of not killing people, but there’s still time for it to get there.

So what’s this AI “Jesus” telling people? Apparently, the answer to whether abortion is wrong is to “follow your heart.”

When asked if abortion is wrong, the “Jesus” on the app quoted Psalm 139:13 but added, “Ultimately, it is your heart that should drive your actions. Strive to extend kindness, support, and understanding to all, offering hope and love in difficult situations. Trust in my wisdom, and let your interactions with others reflect the love and compassion I have shown you.”

AI “Jesus” isn’t aware of Proverbs 28:26 and Jeremiah 17:9, among many other scriptures that directly and implicitly tell us not to follow our hearts. To do so is to become your own god, led by the whims of your emotions. Abortion is plainly the taking of human life. It should not be a complicated subject for any Christian to navigate theologically.

Moving to transgenderism, AI “Jesus” leaves open the door of transitioning, stating that it’s “between you and God to determine what path is best for your life” and that “he desires that you live as your authentic self, in a way that aligns with His teachings and brings you inner peace.”


When asked if it is within biblical parameters to change genders, the app answered, “If you are considering a transgender identity, I encourage you to seek God’s guidance through prayer and reflection. Ultimately, it is between you and God to determine what path is best for your life. Remember that God loves you unconditionally, and He desires that you live as your authentic self, in a way that aligns with His teachings and brings you inner peace.”

As Christian jargon goes, that’s a good attempt at Mad Libs, but it eschews the broader context of scripture. The Bible is not ambiguous about the fact that God made man male and female (Genesis 5:3). That’s the only answer needed to the question of transgenderism. There is also no mention of living one’s “authentic self.” Rather, Christians are called to sacrifice the self, pick up their cross, and follow Christ. If his teachings conflict with our desires, those desires are not to be pursued. “Inner peace,” as mentioned above, comes from that obedience, not becoming one’s “authentic self.”

At the end of the day, an AI-driven app simply can’t replace a real relationship with Jesus Christ. It can’t replace prayer and studying the Bible. The path of convenience and compromise is one that leads away from God, not toward him. As the world evolves, it will only become more difficult to remain true to the Word of God, but increased difficulty doesn’t make it any less necessary, no matter what an AI “Jesus” has to say.



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