Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump a 'Scared Puppy,' and Says More Than She Realizes

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With everyone rushing to weigh in on Donald Trump’s recent indictment related to events surrounding January 6th, it was just a matter of time before Nancy Pelosi did as well.


The 83-year-old San Francisco progressive appeared within the friendly confines of MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell, one of the biggest left-wing partisans in the industry. Practically giddy, the two discussed the indictment, and Pelosi couldn’t resist taking a rhetorical victory lap.

In one bit of commentary, she called Trump a “scared puppy.”

“I wasn’t in the courtroom of course, but when I saw his coming out of his car and this or that, I saw a scared puppy,” Pelosi said in an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “He looked very, very, very concerned about the fate,” adding she did not see any “bravado or confidence or anything like that” from Trump.

For all the claims from Democrats about how prosecuting Trump is about justice, they sure do seem to handling the situation as if it were really about petty political revenge. That’s probably because that’s exactly what it is for them.

The question of whether Trump committed any provable crimes regarding the various charges against him is not actually one that bothers Democrats. What bothers them is that Trump had the audacity to win the 2016 election when he wasn’t supposed to. That’s what this has always been about. Nancy Pelosi is not actually concerned about legalities. She’s concerned about getting payback against those who defied her political wishes.

That’s obvious in the rhetoric she uses above. Pelosi doesn’t want justice. She wants to embarrass Trump, and that certainly makes these prosecutions appear politically motivated. For the record, Trump did give an interview on the tarmac after his arraignment where he projected confidence about his prospects. Whether that confidence was warranted or not is another argument, but Pelosi clearly saw what she wanted to see, not what was actually happening. And who better to share her fantasies with than Andrea Mitchell, who will happily nod along and toss partisan softballs?


There was another comment by Pelosi that said more than she realized, though.

“He knows the truth, the truth that he lost the election,” she continued. “And now he’s got to face the music.”

She just can’t help herself. Donald Trump is not charged with having “lost the election.” I may not be a lawyer, but I’m fairly certain that’s not a crime. Pelosi has likely not even read the latest indictment involving January 6th, as weak as it is on its own merits. For her, this is just about making Trump suffer for not bowing to her will, not about the rule of law.

Democrats had a chance to at least present themselves as serious people. After all, the prosecution of a former president is a somber moment for the president, no matter what side one rests on. Instead, they are demanding cameras in the courtroom to maximize the political damage while calling Trump a “scared puppy.” It’s all so transparent.


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