Kamala Harris 'Explains' Democracy While Admitting She's Absolutely Terrible at Her Job

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Often, I’m left wondering why Biden officials let the president give public speeches because they almost always end in a mix of confusion punctuated by obvious senility.


What’s Kamala Harris’ excuse, though? She’s not quite 60 yet so you would assume she’s of sound mind. Yet, when she enters the public arena, you’d be forgiven for thinking the worst.

Famous for her world salads, where she talks herself in circles, repeating various words while never quite getting to her point, Harris appears to have actually regressed as a politician since taking office.

Take this “explanation” of democracy as an example.

HARRIS: The nature of democracy is, is, it’s, there are two sides to it in terms of the nature of it. There’s a duality. On the one hand, when democracy is intact, it is incredibly strong in terms of the strength it bestows on the individuals, in terms of their rights and their freedoms, incredibly strong in terms of what it does for these people. On the other hand, it’s very fragile. A democracy will only be as intact as our willingness to fight for it. So fight we must and fight we will.

Why does she always look like she’s about to start laughing, even while discussing serious topics?


I will give Harris credit, though. As her word salads go, this one isn’t really that bad. Yeah, she repeats herself a few times and throws in big-girl words like “duality” to sound smart, but I at least get what she’s saying.

The problem is that what she’s saying is nonsense. Our democracy is not “fragile.” In fact, it’s incredibly resilient, largely because of its Federalist foundation. If the United States weren’t a republic, made up of separate states, all with their own separate laws, our democracy would indeed be fragile. But nearly two and a half centuries have shown us that America’s democracy can withstand an enormous amount of pressure precisely because it’s so decentralized.

That’s what makes Harris’ ramblings on democracy so nefarious. She’s not actually concerned about the system collapsing. Rather, she’s using the threat of it collapsing as a way to retain power. After all, if you are “protecting democracy,” then anything goes, right? That includes the weaponization of government bureaucracies against opponents while centralizing power in an increasingly unaccountable federal fiefdom.


Harris isn’t protecting democracy. She’s attempting to manipulate it via fear to ensure it works only to her and her party’s advantage. That’s far more dangerous to democratic norms than a three-hour riot on Capitol Hill.

Regardless, during the same speech, Harris managed to inadvertently admit the Biden administration has been a failure.

Riddle me this. Who has been in office for the last two and a half years? Because I’m pretty sure it’s Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Thus, if most people are so poor that they are only $400 away from bankruptcy, isn’t that a pretty big indictment against the Biden administration?

But hey, I’ll take honesty however I can get it from Harris, and if she says her leadership has led to worse outcomes for Americans, who am I to argue?



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