WATCH: Chris Christie Actually Scores a Direct Hit on CBS News' Margaret Brennan

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Chris Christie’s presidential run hasn’t quite gone as planned to this point, but the man still knows how to land a blow when it comes to facing down the mainstream press.


While speaking on Sunday to Margaret Brennan, an especially haughty partisan, Christie was pressed on the ongoing Hunter Biden scandal, with the CBS News host suggesting that Republicans should let the issue go. In a move that may surprise some, Christie wasn’t having any of it and unleashed a brutal counter.

BRENNAN: And I wonder after this plea happens, if you would advise your party to move on?

CHRISTIE: No, I wouldn’t Margaret, and here’s why. The conduct here by the US Attorney in Delaware and by the Justice Department just can’t be justified. It doesn’t take five years…as you mentioned, I was the US Attorney in the fifth largest office in the country for seven years during the Bush administration. It does not take five years to investigate two misdemeanor tax counts and to dismiss a gun charge. And we need to know what they were investigating and why these are the charges they concluded to. This is not just any person, this is the son of the President of the United States, and while justice needs to be equal, it needs to be equal. And it doesn’t appear to me that this is the way to do it.


I want to pause there because this is a point I’ve made several times along with other conservatives. On what planet does it take five years to investigate two misdemeanors for failure to pay one’s taxes? That’s the kind of thing that normally takes the IRS a few months to take care of.

Making matters worse is the fact that the DOJ let the statute of limitations run out on several more serious crimes, including the fact that Hunter Biden never paid a dime of taxes on the millions of dollars he made from Burisma in Ukraine.

A five-year investigation that ends in a slap on the wrist for low-level tax charges and pre-trial diversion for a gun crime that normally carries a 10-year sentence doesn’t even begin to pass the smell test. That’s where Christie went next.

CHRISTIE: And I would say one thing on the gun charge. I mean, this is a case where Democrats yell and scream for more new gun laws in the country, yet you hear no Democrat yelling about the fact that Hunter Biden intentionally lied on his gun permit application, mishandled the gun after he received it, and faces absolutely no penalty. Guess what, the guy who sponsored that law was his father, Senator Joe Biden, and that charge carries a 10-year sentence. They need to explain to the public why that was done so no, I don’t think it’s time to move on.


That leads me to my favorite part of the exchange. After Christie finished, Brennan stared down at her desk, not wanting to acknowledge a word of what Christie had just said. She then tried the only deflection she had left.

BRENNAN: And you know that the US Attorney in Delaware was appointed by President Trump, on issues…

CHRISTIE: Incompetent Margaret. It doesn’t matter whether you were appointed by a Republican or a Democrat. If your work appears to be incompetent and inexplicable, you need to explain it.

The fact that Trump appointed David Weiss, the US Attorney in Delaware, has been used by Democrats as a dismissal of any possibility of political bias in this case. That’s simply absurd. At one point, Weiss was appointed to a position by Barack Obama too. He’s a career prosecutor who has a very cozy relationship with the current leadership at the DOJ. There is zero evidence that his appointment by Trump (as big of a mistake as that apparently was) somehow means he’s a straight shooter and above reproach.

You’ll notice Brennan went to that talking point because she couldn’t offer a rebuttal to anything Christie actually said about how corruptly the investigation was conducted. Love or hate the guy as a presidential candidate, he was spot-on in his commentary.


Lastly, I’ll just note that Brennan’s entire premise is ludicrous. Since when does an alleged crook getting away with his crimes mean it’s time to  “move on” from the issue? What an incredibly corrupt standard to try to assert. The plea deal in question is a joke, and it’s ample proof that the DOJ sought to protect the Bidens. If anything, once the plea deal is finalized, the investigation into Hunter Biden and his family needs to intensify.



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