Joe Biden Makes Tin-Pot Dictators Blush With Response to His Student Loan Defeat

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As RedState reported, the Supreme Court ended Joe Biden’s dreams of unilaterally “forgiving student loan debt” on Friday. In a 6-3 decision that left the liberal justices stammering in their dissent, the court found that the Biden administration lacked the authority to redistribute loan debt to millions of hard-working Americans who didn’t choose to get a graduate degree in gender studies.


Now, the president is responding, and he’s apparently really confused as to which country he leads.

This is the kind of rhetoric you’d expect from a third-world dictator. Biden is openly flaunting the well-reasoned and completely justified interpretation of the law by the Supreme Court, insisting they got it wrong while providing absolutely nothing to back up that contention. Shouldn’t Biden be expected to explain how they got it wrong? What constitutional power can he point to that supposedly bolsters his position?

He can’t point to one because the idea that a cabinet secretary under orders from the White House can simply “waive” nearly a trillion dollars in student debt, passing that burden to others who have been in the workforce, trying to provide for their own families, has always been absurd. The HEROES Act was meant to apply to military members (hence the name) during catastrophic events such as terrorist attacks. For example, if the US homeland was attacked, student debt payments could be waived or forgiven for soldiers during that time of emergency. It was never intended to provide unlimited power to the executive to make one of the largest single expenditures in American history (without going through Congress) to help a bunch of liberal arts majors, doctors, and lawyers.


Further, the idea that the Supreme Court “sided with Republican elected officials” is nonsense. The majority opinion meticulously lays out the reasoning for the decision. Nowhere is that reasoning reliant on politics. That Republican politicians happen to agree with the decision is a result of them being on the right side of the law, not directly influencing it.

Still, Biden’s dictatorial delusions of grandeur are set to continue. According to The Hill, he’s already moving to undercut the law again.

President Biden on Friday announced new actions to offer student loan borrowers some forgiveness, reintroducing his forgiveness plan grounded in the Higher Education Act (HEA).

Using the HEA to provide student debt relief has been pushed by student loan advocates and top Democrats for years. Under the HEA, advocates argue it allows the education secretary to “compromise, waive or release” students loans. This path will require a public comment and notice period before it could go into effect.

“We need to find a new way, and we’re moving as fast as we can,” he said in remarks at the White House on Friday afternoon.

Inevitably, that plan will fail just as the last one did. But for the White House, the point is to cause maximum political carnage by weaponizing the time-consuming nature of the judicial system. Biden and his handlers know what they are doing is illegal, but they also know they can make political hay until the Supreme Court once again steps in.


It’s a gross abuse of power, and frankly, I believe it’s impeachable. At some point, moving from lawless scheme to lawless scheme shows a purposeful violation of the oath of office for the presidency.


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