Another WhatsApp Message Emerges That Points Right to the 'Bidens'

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Another WhatsApp message has emerged that points directly to the “Bidens” running a corrupt influence-peddling scheme. In it, Hunter Biden is again seen trying to secure money from the Chinese as part of a “partnership.”


Last Thursday, the first message of what is assumed to be many was released by the House Oversight Committee. It showed Hunter Biden threatening a Chinese official in order to secure a large payout for a “commitment.” Within a week of that exchange, a subsidiary of CEFC, a Chinese energy conglomerate, wired $5.1 million to Hunter Biden, with part of the money getting flagged by one bank for possible money laundering.

Now, another message has come to light, and it leaves many questions unanswered.

HUNTER BIDEN: We are all saying the same thing I hope. Please let’s put this to bed tonight sign officially tomorrow (or anytime as late tonight as you want) and get to work. I am tired of this Kevin. I can make $5M in salary at any law firm in America. If you think this is about the money it’s not. The Bidens are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this partnership. Please let’s not quibble over peanuts.

As the House Oversight Committee notes, the very next day after that message, $100,000 was wired to one of Hunter Biden’s shell companies from CEFC. We still don’t know what service was provided to justify such a payment.

The eye-catcher in the exchange is the mention of “the Bidens” being the “best I know” at doing whatever the “Chairman wants from this partnership.” That sure sounds like it’s a family affair and not just Hunter Biden flying solo. Besides, what good was the president’s son without his father? There’s only one member of the “Bidens” who had anything to offer in these foreign dealings. That would be Joe Biden. Certainly, James Biden (Joe Biden’s brother), who is also connected to this, didn’t have and doesn’t have the influence to satisfy a CCP-connected energy firm.


But for me, the really big red flag here is the continued mention of a “partnership.” Again, what exactly did the Biden family have to offer CEFC? That would seem to be the biggest question surrounding all this, though you wouldn’t know it based on the lack of interest from the press. What did the Bidens have to give these CCP officials to secure such a large payday, totaling millions of dollars?

As to who the “Chairman” actually is, he’s been pinpointed as Ye Jianming, a Chinese billionaire with a long history of working with CCP intelligence.

There’s only one reason Jianming would be handing out sacks of cash to the Biden family, and that’s with the expectation that he was going to receive some kind of tangible influence in return. Chinese billionaires aren’t into charity, much less giving it to wealthy degenerates from Delaware. At the very least, FARA violations are on the table in light of these dealings, and depending on how the money was handled, things could escalate from there. Unfortunately, we don’t have a DOJ that is willing to pursue any of this, so this is all hypothetical.

Despite that reality, Joe Biden’s political reputation is on the line heading into the 2024 election. He has repeatedly insisted he never even spoke to his son about the family’s foreign business dealings. That seems to be an almost laughable assertion at this point, and even the White House Counsel has hedged, stating that Biden “was not in business” with his son.


The Oversight Committee and the whistleblowers they are working with have produced the provided the first steps toward an impeachment inquiry into the president. Hopefully, a continued thorough investigation of the facts will do the rest.


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