Ted Cruz Leaves Trans-Ideologue Spinning in Circles During Hearing With Riley Gaines

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Transgender ideology collapsed in on itself on Wednesday as the president of the Human Rights Campaign thoroughly discredited herself under questioning on Capitol Hill.


RedState previously reported on an exchange that involved Riley Gaines, a female swimmer turned activist who has become the leading edge in the fight to protect women’s sports from biological men. In it, Gaines corrects Kelley Robinson after she laughably claims that Serena and Venus Williams are stronger and better than men. In reality, the Williams sisters once lost to the 203rd-ranked male player after he downed several beers.

The embarrassment continued during Ted Cruz’s questioning. The Texas senator challenged Robinson to answer whether there’s a difference between men and women.


Here’s the partial transcript for those who want to give themselves a headache.

CRUZ: Ms. Robinson, do you agree with Ms. Gaines that there’s a difference between women and men?

ROBINSON: If the question is about transwomen…

CRUZ: I’m just asking, is there a difference between women and men?

ROBINSON: What I can say here is that the NCAA has rules in place. They’ve had rules in place for the last decade, and when this competition happened, the rules were clear.

CRUZ: Okay, I’m gonna try again. Do you believe there is a difference between women and men? It’s a yes-no question. Do you believe there’s a difference?

ROBINSON: Well, I think that we’re talking about this case with the NCAA…

CRUZ: No, I’m asking a question. Do you believe there’s a difference between women and men? Most people could answer this very simply. I’m curious if you are willing to do so.

ROBINSON: Oh, absolutely. I’m just putting into context this conversation that were having. I think there are definitions related to sex, but I also think…

(cross talk)

CRUZ: Is that a yes? I’m trying to get a yes or no. I’m not trying to get a speech. Is there a difference between women and men?

ROBINSON: I think that there are definitions for biological sex, which is different than gender.


It just continued from there, with Cruz then positing the question of why we need to have women’s sports at all then. After all, if there are no differences between women and men in a way that demands the separation of the sexes, then why bother with separate leagues? Robinson doesn’t answer that question either, again fumbling around about sex and gender. Why? Because she knows the answer to both questions blows up everything she’s arguing for in the name of transgender ideology.

Putting aside that sex and gender aren’t actually distinct things (and no one argued that point until about five minutes ago in human history), when discussing sporting events, biological sex is obviously the only factor that matters. Almost all sports are tests of physical strength and prowess. So even if Robinson were correct that sex and gender are distinct (again, she’s not), she would still lose the argument over “transgender women” in women’s sports because physical superiority is heavily influenced by biology.

This is what happens when the slightest bit of pressure is applied to transgender ideology. Because it is such a gigantic ball of blatant contradictions and arbitrary inconsistencies, it can not survive basic questioning. That’s why, contrary to what we see with most cultural issues, Americans are actively rejecting transgender ideology, with opinions on the matter swinging back towards sanity. Hopefully, that trend continues because if we a majority can’t agree on basic reality, there’s nothing left.




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