Durham's Hilarious Takedown of Adam Schiff Is Solid Gold, as Hank Johnson Has No Idea What's Going On

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John Durham is testifying on Capitol Hill on Wednesday and his interactions with Democrats have already provided a smorgasbord of material.

From Durham’s blistering opening statement onward, he has gone toe to toe with dishonest proclamations and handled them with the expertise you’d expect from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. What a crazy thought. Apparently, there are some people in Washington who aren’t completely clueless.


And speaking of having no idea what he’s talking about, here’s Rep. Hank Johnson accusing Durham of not being able to indict Hunter Biden after his four-year investigation. Wait, what?

Johnson may not be a congressional member who quickly comes to mind (because there’s a lot of competition on the Democrat side for negative attention), but rest assured, you’ve heard of him. He’s the guy who once suggested that the Island of Guam could literally tip over due to overpopulation. He’s also the guy who said that had Capitol Police not killed Ashli Babbit, he would have been hanged. Because apparently, shooting one unarmed woman prevented mass lynchings.

Regardless, Johnson doesn’t seem to realize that Durham’s investigation had absolutely nothing to do with Hunter Biden. These are the people who lead our nation. In this case, a person so vapid that he goes into a hearing to question a 40-year career prosecutor and doesn’t even bother to spend five minutes figuring out what that prosecutor’s investigation centered on. To be clear, while you can often assign ridiculous Democrat statements to malice, in Johnson’s case, I’m pretty sure he’s just as unintelligent as he appears to be.


But for my money, Durham’s best interaction so far happened when Rep. Adam Schiff took the microphone. The California congressman tried to bring up the infamous Trump Tower where dirt on Hillary Clinton was supposedly offered but never followed up on.

Durham was ready for it.

Ho-lee cow, what an absolute take-down, and all it took was a one-sentence response. For the uninitiated, what Durham is alluding to is the fact that Schiff himself received a call from Russian comedians back in 2018 offering dirt on Donald Trump. The callers alleged that they could provide nude pictures of the former president. Schiff quickly took the bait.

In other words, he got caught trying to accept dirt from Russia on who was then the current president in a way that Donald Trump, Jr. never actually did. It was an incredible turn of events at the time and solidified just how absurd the entire Trump-Russian collusion narrative was.


It’s poetic that on the same day that Durham thoroughly embarrassed and exposed Schiff with a single quip, the House will also be voting on an edited censure resolution regarding his behavior throughout the Russian collusion hoax. That’d be a fitting way to wrap things up for Schiff.



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