James Comer Shares Four Key Details About the Biden Bribery Scandal

Rep. James Comer is pushing back against disinformation being spread by Democrats about the ongoing bribery scandal involving President Joe Biden. In a recent op-ed, the congressman discussed four key details that debunk some of what has been said and express the seriousness of the issue.


As chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Comer has led the investigation into whether Biden received millions of dollars in bribes from a foreign national. RedState has identified that foreign national as Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky, with one source stating that Zlochevsky works for Russian intelligence.

Here’s what Comer had to say in his write-up (Fox News).

First, Democrats are peddling conspiracy theories and alleging the FD-1023 record is based on secondhand hearsay. The FD-1023 record was generated by a trusted confidential source who was working with the FBI for over ten years.

The idea that the information is “secondhand hearsay” has always been a weak deflection. As stated, the FD-1023 was sourced by a confidential human source with a long track record of assisting the FBI. There is no reason to believe they made the information up. Are Democrats suggesting that informants are to be outright dismissed now?

Second, Democrats claim that the record is part of the documents Rudy Giuliani provided the FBI in January 2020. That’s not true. The FD-1023 document stands on its own and contains information from the FBI’s confidential human source dating back to another FD-1023 generated in 2017.

The claim that Rudy Giuliani sourced the FD-1023 in question is a lie that got repeated multiple times by Rep. Jamie Raskin, who is playing the part of Adam Schiff in obstructing the investigation into Biden. Raskin and other Democrats said that as a way to discredit the source. It is simply untrue, as Comer points out. The source in question was not Giuliani but a seasoned confidential human source that worked with the FBI going back to the Obama administration. Further, as noted, the FD-1023 that was generated in 2020 was a re-upping of what was submitted in 2017.


Third, the FD-1023 was generated by the FBI in June 2020 based on other FBI records dating back to 2017. The Department of Justice conducted an assessment on separate material provided to the Department in January 2020, and this assessment was closed in August 2020. Democrats are claiming the DOJ investigated the FD-1023 and then took no action, but the FBI has refused to answer what information was part of their assessment. How could the DOJ have conducted a credible, thorough investigation in four weeks?  It’s not possible.

The timeline of the supposed “investigation” is a major red flag in all this. As the FD-1023 allegedly says, the Biden family used dozens of corporations and LLCs to move money around. It’s such an extensive network that it might take months or years to unravel. And the FBI supposedly looked into the information in four weeks? That smacks of an attempt to sweep all this under the rug.

Lastly, Comer hits on yet another lie that was told by Raskin recently. Namely. that the investigation into the FD-1023 was closed.

And last, let’s be very clear: The allegations in the record are not closed. FBI officials and former Attorney General William Barr have refuted Democrats’ lies that the Biden bribery investigation was closed. “On the contrary, it was sent to Delaware for further investigation,” former Attorney General Barr said this week on the record.

As former AG Bill Barr confirmed, the investigation was not closed but was instead passed off to the US attorney in Delaware. Unfortunately, that would be the same US attorney’s office that has buried the Hunter Biden probe. In hindsight, Barr made a huge mistake not keeping such a serious allegation in-house at the top levels of the DOJ. Would such a revelation about Donald Trump have been sent down the chain of command? Almost certainly not.


Comer ends his op-ed by pledging to get to the bottom of this, and he better because no one else will. AG Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray have shown zero interest in pursuing the Biden bribery scandal and have appeared to go to lengths to cover it up. The American people deserve to know what happened, and more importantly, if it’s true, those that perpetrated it deserve to go to prison.


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