Keith Olbermann Challenges Nancy Mace, Gets Dragged in Response

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Keith Olbermann tried to tangle with Rep. Nancy Mace on Monday, and he really shouldn’t have. The controversial, failed far-left personality has made a habit of lashing out at conservative women.


You may recall the fight he picked with Megyn Kelly in late April that ended up with him on the receiving end of a crushing monologue. Be sure to go check that out if you haven’t watched it because it’s a must-see video.

Moving back to Mace, she took to Twitter to make an obviously true statement regarding the lack of prosecution of Hillary Clinton. Olbermann decided to chime in, accusing her of “hallucinating.”

This tack from Democrats confuses me. Do they think we all forgot what happened with Hillary Clinton? That we don’t remember the fact that she set up a private email server in her bathroom and stocked it with documents illegally stripped of classified markings? Because that’s what happened, and she wasn’t exactly forthcoming when she got caught. One might even say she obstructed justice.

That was the point Mace made next, and she managed to use a CNN fact-check just to rub a little more salt in Olbermann’s wound.


The facts in the Hillary Clinton case are simple. She committed the aforementioned illegal act of using a private email server to store classified information she had no right to have in the first place. Further, she used a program called BleachBit to wipe said server of emails she originally claimed were just personal in nature. The mention of using hammers to destroy government devices is also accurate. As crazy as it sounds, that actually happened.

And the result? Zero criminal charges were filed as a compliant FBI actually helped her cover up what she did. Even her FBI interview was a joke, with her lawyers dictating the entire thing to the agents present. Hillary Clinton was allowed to flout the law (and flaunt that she did so) in ways that are incredibly similar to the allegations the DOJ has levied against Donald Trump.

Getting back to the Democrat response here, including Olbermann’s denial of the basic facts, it just makes no sense in context. Why keep lying for Hillary Clinton? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to toss her under the bus and admit she lied? If Democrats did that, they could then claim the moral high ground in going after Trump, showing that they truly believe “No one is above the law.”


But despite having such an easy lay-up staring them in the face, they just won’t take the shot. They are too invested in perpetuating the current two-tiered justice system and seeing only their political enemies punished. To turn on Hillary Clinton would mean giving up one of the chief ways they control the country.

Regardless, I’d say it’s too late for Olbermann and the rest of his Democrat cohorts anyway. The time to be consistent was when Hillary Clinton was being investigated. To change course now would just look opportunistic, but it’s hilarious to see they won’t even try to be consistent. The shamelessness is truly next-level.


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