Adidas Begs to be Boycotted With Insanely Woke 'Pride Month' Ad Campaign That Even Marginalizes Gay People

Conservatives have already kneecapped Bud Light following the storied beer brand’s recent brush with wokeness. Perhaps there should be a new target on the horizon.


(See: Bud Light Sales Fall off a Cliff)

Adidas is out with a new ad campaign to celebrate “pride month” because that’s something we are now forced to endure from every major company, every single year. Astonishingly, though, it even manages to be offensive to gay people. Instead of using a lesbian to model their “pride” swimsuit line, the legacy shoe company decided to use grown men with genital bulges.

Remember while viewing the following images that if you don’t accept it as normal, you are a bigot.

I must admit, picking a dude that also has chest hair shooting out of the top of the swimsuit was a nice touch. If Adidas is going to insult and marginalize women, they might as well go all the way and pull no punches, I suppose. Plus, it has the unintentional effect of helping draw the eyes away from the lower portion of the screen, and we are all thankful for that.


Putting aside the discussion of religious objections regarding this topic, think about what it must be like to be a lesbian these days. Actually, do those even exist anymore? Or is gender so “fluid” that a homosexual distinction of sex no longer applies within the LGBT movement? Lesbians don’t even model their own swimsuits anymore. Instead, companies bring in six-foot-plus dudes with sprigs of chesthair to do it for them.

Ten years ago, most would have looked at that ad and thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit. Now, if you question what you are seeing, it means you are a hateful transphobe. Well, I say let them call us whatever they want because conservatives need to start applying some Bud Light energy to Adidas.

Yes, I know there are many other clothing companies that have done this same thing to some degree or another, but Adidas is the one that’s staring me in the face at the moment. The goal isn’t to fight an unwinnable battle against every single woke company in existence all at the same time. Rather, it’s to pick out what’s currently most visible and to send a message that continuing to spit in the face of normal Americans will cost them.


I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying every time I cover transgenderism: You do not have to accept this. It is perfectly reasonable for people to stand up and say they aren’t going to normalize the erasure of women in the name of affirming mental illness. To do that, though, conservatives have to ensure they don’t give up the initial premise. Unfortunately, some on the right want to pretend that transgender ideology is fine as long as it doesn’t target children of women’s sports, but if you give up that premise, the war is already lost.


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