MSNBC Creates 'Fiery but Mostly Peaceful' Sequel While Trying to Excuse Border Chaos

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

One of the most surreal moments of the 2020 riots was a chyron run by CNN that read “fiery but mostly peaceful” while cars burned in the background. For many, that was the moment the press lost what little credibility it may have had left. That’s not because it wasn’t incredibly biased before, but because it was a moment that showed there was absolutely nothing the press wouldn’t excuse to protect its political allies.


Well, MSNBC is back with the sequel to that absurdity. While covering the ongoing crisis at the border, a reporter stood in front of a mass of people desperately trying to cross the border illegally. Under him was a chyron that read “Border Crowded, Not Chaotic, as Title 42 Expires.”

As RedState has reported, the Southern border is currently facing its biggest crisis in US history. Tens of thousands are crossing per day, with many being released into the interior with no way to track them. Others are being given court dates that aren’t until 2027 and later. US Customs and Border Patrol are so overwhelmed that Texas has called in the state’s national guard to assist in some sectors. Illegal immigrant processing centers are seeing capacity overruns of over 200 percent. Children are even dying in government custody.

There is no situation that has ever existed on earth that fits the definition of “chaos” more than what is going on at the Southern border. It makes the disastrous and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan actually look organized.

And yet, MSNBC is just shameless enough to ignore all that and tell its audience that everything is fine anyway. It’s hard to fathom being that dishonest. Even as a partisan political writer with openly biased views, I would still never gaslight my readers in such a way. MSNBC could have defended Biden without outright lying about what is currently happening. It would have been laughable, but they could have at least made the argument. That they didn’t and instead chose to spread blatant disinformation says everything about just how in the tank the network is.


It’s become clear to me that these left-wing networks truly have no empathy for even those they claim to have empathy for. While they are excusing Biden’s border disaster, his policies are creating a magnet that is leading to immense human suffering. Does MSNBC care? Of course, not. All they care about is 2024 and ensuring a Republican isn’t elected president. So they’ll blame Ted Cruz for the border crisis and tell you it’s not chaotic. All the while, their ridiculous deflections enable the senile old man that is causing the problem.


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