Fox News Should Be Ashamed of Itself, and Conservatives Shouldn't Forget

As RedState reported, Media Matters and other mainstream press outlets are currently in the midst of a smear campaign against Tucker Carlson. The once top-rated, now ousted primetime host is being accused of all manner of transgressions, none of them actually adding up to much of anything.


For example, did you know Carlson was sometimes a little snarky with his producers? It’s truly shocking given that television stars are normally incredibly humble and not at all outspoken about what they want to happen on air. I’m literally shaking just thinking about it.

Sarcasm aside, the attacks have been pathetic, with Carlson being accused of racism and promoting violence via a leaked text message despite the fact that he said in the very same text message that his initial reaction was wrong and that he had changed it. Introspection is truly scandalous, I guess. Apparently, he’s also sexist because he once opined that a woman was attractive. You know, things that normal guys never do. Dang it, there I go with the sarcasm again.

But while focusing on the attacks themselves is warranted, I’m just as interested in how all this is making its way to The New York Times and Media Matters. Unfortunately, in my opinion there’s only one explanation that makes sense: Fox News is leaking them.


The videos being leaked are behind-the-scenes clips (i.e. recording during breaks and pre-show) that I believe only producers and editors would have access to. At the very least, it seems impossible that they’d originate anywhere but from within Fox News. That kind of betrayal is just unconscionable. Whatever the executives at the formerly popular conservative network may think of Carlson, he’s brought them untold levels of success. To apparently turn on him in this way, locking arms with a garbage outfit like Media Matters, is beyond the pale.

Further, Fox News’ silence says almost as much as what’s being leaked. If there’s a viable explanation for how this stuff is getting out there, shouldn’t they be providing one? Where’s the statement saying that this stuff should have never seen the light of day? Instead, it’s crickets as their former top host is smeared relentlessly by some of the worst people in politics.

For many on the right, Carlson was the only reason they were still tuning into Fox News. With him gone and being treated like this, it’s going to ice out many of those who remained. I know that I haven’t been turning on the network lately, and I have no plans to start doing so again. What is Fox News offering at this point? When is the last time a Sean Hannity monologue offered anything of value?


Fox News has made its bed, first with the ridiculous decision to fire Carlson, and second, with its probable participation in a smear campaign against him. Conservatives shouldn’t forget this.

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