Reporter Who Secretly Gave Biden Question in Advance Gets Relentlessly Trolled

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As RedState reported, Joe Biden got caught red-handed again with a “cheat sheet” while giving a press conference on Wednesday. This time was a bit different than past occurrences, though.


Biden has previously been observed having a pre-approved list of reporters on hand as well as outlines spelling out every syllable he’s supposed to utter. What made this time more concerning was that he had the actual question the reporter was set to ask him as well.

In all my time following politics, I’ve never seen anything like this.

“How are YOU squaring YOUR domestic priorities — like reshoring semiconductors manufacturing — with alliance-based foreign policy?” read the question, that you could plainly read in his notes.

Notice that even has her picture on it so he can identify her, and tells him it’s “Question #1” to call on her first. He has more notes under that one, so one has to conclude that is likely referencing other questions and answers.

The excuse here will likely be that because this was a joint presser with a foreign dignitary, questions needed to be pre-screened. To the extent that such might be true (and I’m not sure that’s happened in past administrations), there’s a difference between pre-screening the topics of questions and receiving questions word for word so the president can write them down and pre-formulate an answer.

The latter is obviously cheating and not how press conferences are supposed to go. It eliminates the entire purpose of even having Biden up there. Why not just submit a bunch of written answers to reporters if this is how the administration wants to do things?


Regardless, who is this reporter? Her name is Courtney Subramanian, and she works for the Los Angeles Times, one of the most liberal papers in the country. A quick browsing of her social media reveals a typical left-wing journalist that plays stenographer for the Biden administration and who thinks write-ups against school choice are “fantastic.”

But while she was a relative unknown prior to this debacle, Subramanian has suddenly been cast into the spotlight as people try to make sense of what she did. Several of her past posts on Twitter have been re-upped, and the comments are brutal.

Harsh but fair, wouldn’t you say? I mean, it seems like a pretty big deal that a mainstream reporter from a top newspaper is pre-submitting questions to the president and not at least disclosing the fact that she’s doing that. And to be sure, it doesn’t seem like she was the only one. She’s just the only one whose question got caught on camera.


All of this could be quelled quickly if Subramanian simply explained what in the world is going on. Who asked her to submit her question in advance? Was she told what she could and couldn’t ask? Did she know that Biden was being given the questions beforehand to pre-formulate answers? If so, why would she find that acceptable? Heck, why would any reporter be okay with being part of a pre-scripted charade?

There’s going to be a White House press briefing tomorrow (I’d assume). Some reporter needs to grow a backbone and ask why the president needs to know the questions he’s going to be asked beforehand. That would seem like a pretty big breach of journalistic ethics and point to Biden’s clear mental deficiency. Will a reporter press the issue, though? I wouldn’t count on it. Most of them are in on the scam.


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