'Tennessee Three' Member's Latest Stunt Is His Most Grotesque Yet

While the so-called “Tennessee Three” have mostly fallen out of the news since being reinstated by their respective city councils (while still being barred from all committees), one member of the trio is still doing all he can to make headlines.


Justin Jones, perhaps the most visible member ejected from the state legislature in early April after leading an insurrection inside the Tennessee capitol building, wasn’t content with getting backslaps on Good Morning America and being lauded as a hero for inciting a mob. That mean it was time to execute his most ghoulish stunt yet.

On Tuesday, Jones tried to walk onto the legislative floor he shut down weeks prior with a bullhorn while carrying a child’s coffin.

The legislature’s Sergeant at Arms stops Jones, noting that they can’t enter the floor with the coffin. Someone who I assume is a priest or pastor then challenges the Sergeant at Arms, asking if there’s a rule or constitutional provision to bar them from doing so. The response is that the rules say no props, which sounds reasonable and likely, though I haven’t gone and found the exact provision to verify that.

Jones continues to argue because he’s a shameless, attention-seeking clown who is using dead Christian children as pawns in a ridiculous partisan game. At no point has it been reported that the “Tennessee Three” reached out to the families who lost loved ones in the Nashville shooting. I’ve also seen no indication that they have offered to raise money for them or pushed the White House to make them more visible.


Instead, Jones, like the rest of the broader left, essentially pretended the shooting itself didn’t happen, at least as far as acknowledging who the victims were. In the immediate aftermath, they started making the supposed oppression of the “trans community” the story while ignoring that it was a militant trans activist who committed the shooting and wrote an entire manifesto detailing why (that the authorities still won’t release because they almost never do when it’s a leftist). Even the White House has yet to note the anti-Christian bigotry that motivated the murders and has scoffed at labeling it a hate crime.

To put it succinctly, Jones can go jump in a lake with his insensitive, performative nonsense. The problem in Nashville wasn’t the fact that guns exist and will always exist. It was that the far left keeps telling mentally deranged trans-identifying individuals that they are being genocided because people won’t affirm their delusions. Jones is far more responsible for the shooting than any lack of gun laws.

That he’s trying to make himself famous by cosplaying as a 60s-era civil rights hero in the middle of families mourning the deaths of their children is grotesque. It crosses from the realm of political disagreement into the realm of abject evil. That the mainstream press has not only gone along with his game but has actively assisted in it only exacerbates the situation. Those families deserve better than this. Unfortunately, Democrats aren’t willing to show them an ounce of respect.



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