Biden Makes Move With ‘Tennessee Three’ That Is Beyond Parody

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Did you know that six Christians, including three children, were targeted and murdered by a transgender militant in Nashville recently? If you didn’t, the White House certainly isn’t going to let you know. Instead, they’ve taken the tragedy and turned it into a narrative about attacks on the “trans community.”


The expulsion of two of the three radical Democrats who helped foment an insurrection at the Tennessee capitol building only provided more fodder to the Biden administration’s attempt to distract. Vice President Kamala Harris visited Nashville on Friday not to give her condolences to the distraught families, but to meet with the “Tennessee Three,” who used a mob to shut down the legislature.

It was such an egregiously in-your-face move that it was almost hard to believe. It’s not that I put anything past the Biden administration at this point, but you’d at least expect them to hide their contempt a bit better. Instead, per a new report, they are doubling down.

President Joe Biden is inviting at least two of the members of the “Tennessee Three” to the White House.

His invitation extended to the “Tennessee Three” along with a statement praising them for “seeking to ban assault weapons and standing up for our democratic values.”

“Earlier today, I spoke to Reps. Jones, Pearson, and Johnson thank them for their leadership and courage in the face of a blatant disregard for our nation’s democratic values. Our country needs to take action on gun violence — and to do that; we need more voices like theirs speaking out,” Biden said in a social media caption with a video of the president speaking with Democrats Justin Pearson, Justin Jones, and Gloria Johnson.

The invite came the same day Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Nashville to meet with the ousted lawmakers who violated decorum rules. According to a White House pool report, the visit will occur in the future.


I’d say I don’t even know what to say to that, but I have plenty to say. The problem is that the words coming to mind aren’t really fit to print here. I simply do not understand how someone could be so disgusting that they’d prioritize lionizing insurrectionists over dead children.

Do you know who hasn’t been invited to the White House? The parents of the children who were shot and killed haven’t been invited. Do you know who else hasn’t been invited to the White House? The heroic police officers who charged into the school to take down the militant transgender shooter (almost certainly incited by far-left rhetoric) who was in the process of killing Christians.

Biden apparently doesn’t care to honor those who saved dozens of lives. Instead, he’s going to spend his time honoring clowns cosplaying as MLK who think they are oppressed for being held to basic standards.

If Biden were trying to make you despise him, what would he be doing differently? Really, what would he be doing differently? He has taken a mass shooting, refused to even mention the victims were targeted for being Christians, and turned it into a partisan football whereby he treats everyone as victims except the actual victims.


It’s beyond parody. That it’s actually a purposeful strategy makes it all the more ghoulish. Biden does not care about those dead children because they come from a background that he sees as his political opposition. I hate to say that, but it’s obviously true.



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