Rebekah Jones Lashes out With Threats After Far-Left Press Disown Her

Rebekah Jones threatens The Young Turks after they criticize her grifting (4/14/23). (Credit: Twitter/Damin Toell)

In one of the weirder stories RedState has reported on, notorious grifter and outspoken Ron DeSantis opponent Rebekah Jones was recently caught up in a scandal involving her son and a possible mass shooting.


In early April, Jones took to social media to claim that DeSantis had kidnapped her son. The implication was that the governor was exacting revenge on Jones for supposedly exposing corruption in the State of Florida.

Soon enough, though, it became clear that there was far more to the story, including the fact that Jones had turned her son in after evidence he was going to commit a mass shooting emerged. Authorities had social media postings to that effect; the boy in question was shown to clearly have mental issues.

In other words, this arrest wasn’t out of the blue. She actually facilitated it and knew exactly what was on the warrant. She knew about the messages showing her son threatening to commit a mass shooting. She knew that Ron DeSantis had absolutely nothing to do with what was happening.

Yet, she still went to social media to pretend that police had simply shown up at her doorstep and forcibly taken her son under false pretenses…and the press ran with it. They ran with a complete and total lie in order to try to smear DeSantis.

It’s the last part of that paragraph that leads us to the latest part of this saga. As i wrote at the time, several press outlets ran with Jones’ ridiculous claims. Yet, one mustered up the integrity to offer a correction, and no, it wasn’t the dumpster fire that is the Miami Herald. Rather, it was The Young Turks.


Ana Kasparian, one of the hosts for the far-left news outlet, took to the air to offer an apology.

Jones caught wind of Kasparian’s comments, and she was none too happy about them. Offering more evidence of her derangement, she lashed out with a threat instead of just admitting she misled people.

Yes, I’m sure Jones, who has spent the last several years of her semi-public prominence lying profusely, is totally going to take down The Young Turks. This couldn’t possibly be yet another grifting scheme to keep the money rolling in from the online fanbase she scams with GoFundMe campaigns.


It’s just hilarious. I’ve got no love for The Young Turks, whose founder Cenk Uygur is insanely left-wing, but even they manage to appear sane next to Jones’ rantings. What’s worse, though, is that there has been no small number of people, including from the Miami Herald, who have continued to spread her nonsense because they just hate DeSantis that much.

Still, this latest episode feels like a breaking point. Jones is acting like a woman who fears her grift is finally coming to an end. When she’s losing The Young Turks, there’s no much left to keep mining for cash and notoriety.



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