San Francisco DA Investigating Tech Founder's Murder Trashes Elon Musk

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

You’d think a district attorney from a violent crime-riddled city who is currently in the midst of an investigation into a high-profile murder would have better things to do than slamming Elon Musk. That’s exactly what Brooke Jenkins, the DA for San Francisco, did though.


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While making an announcement that an arrest had been made in the stabbing death of Bob Lee, who founded Cash App, Jenkins decided to focus on what was really on her mind: Elon Musk (Fox News). She slammed the billionaire’s comments about the murder.

After San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott confirmed that the suspect, 38-year-old Nima Momeni, knew Lee, Jenkins switched gears and knocked the Tesla founder’s tweets on the tragedy.

“While we’re not going to release any additional facts at this time, I must point out that reckless and irresponsible statements like those contained in Mr. Musk’s tweet that assumed incorrect circumstances about Mr. Lee’s death serve to mislead the world in their perceptions of San Francisco and also negatively impact the pursuit of justice for victims of crime as it spreads misinformation at a time when the police are trying to solve a very difficult case,” she said.

What was Musk’s great sin? He noted on Twitter that he had friends who had been violently assaulted on the streets of San Francisco and that the city was unsafe. Apparently, Jenkins took great offense to that despite her city seeing a 33 percent increase in homicides year over year. As Fox News notes, while overall crime rates have fallen, that’s likely due to less serious crimes simply not being reported anymore given the lack of enforcement. If someone gets mugged in San Francisco, there’s no point in even calling the police anymore.


The big reveal from Jenkins is that the suspect arrested in connection to Lee’s death knew the victim. That’s supposed to prove that this wasn’t a random street crime as Musk has insinuated, I guess. But does that really say anything good about the level of safety in San Francisco? Is someone who is stabbed supposed to feel better about it if they know the assailant? It just seems like an incredibly dumb thing to lash out about, as Jenkins did.

Besides, let’s remember that a man was just murdered. Why is the DA overseeing the case taking the time to attack what I assume is a political enemy? Shouldn’t she be focused on securing a conviction against the person who has been arrested (an arrest she played no role in securing)? Certainly, it comes off as brash and tone-deaf to level criticism against Musk during a presser that is supposed to be about Lee’s murder. Imagine how his family feels, seeing their loved one’s death used in that way. At the end of the day, I don’t believe it’s Jenkins’ job to play PR spokesman for San Francisco, whether she believes Musk’s critique of the city was unfair or not.


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