INSANE: Joe Biden Laughs While Discussing Mother Whose Sons Died From Fentanyl

Jacquelyn Martin, Pool

Sometimes I write an article and the topic is so insane that I’m not even sure what to say. In this case, I’m going to do my best, but understand that it’s difficult to put words down when you watch something that is this bad.


Joe Biden appeared in Maryland on Wednesday evening to speak to the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference (whatever that is). And while the typical political bluster about “assault weapons” and such was on full display, there was one moment that is destined to go viral, and not for a good reason.

While speaking, Biden decided to laugh at/about a mother whose sons died after taking fake Percocets laced with fentanyl. Rebecca Kiessling had recently appeared before Congress to testify on the dangers of the deadly drug and the epidemic of deaths occurring because of it.

For her trouble, she got this display from the President of the United States.

BIDEN: (Laughter) She was very specific recently saying that, a mom, a poor mother that lost two kids to fentanly, that I killed her sons. Well, the interesting thing is, that fentanyl came during the last administration (Laughs)


What do you even say to that? It’s so ghoulish and unbelievable that one might wonder if it was AI-generated. Remember, this is the guy the press tells us is the “empathizer-in-chief,” and he can’t hold back laughter when talking about the death of a mother’s two sons?

What makes this worse, though, is that the president ignored the mother’s point in his rush to defend himself. The point of her testimony was to put a face to the cost of the fentanyl crisis, which has grown far worse under the Biden administration. She even stressed the non-partisan nature of what she was saying.

Given that, wouldn’t it be prudent for Biden to handle the subject with care, admit the massive mistakes he’s made during his tenure, and work to fix them? Instead, he goes into a partisan event to laugh about the matter while insisting he’s done nothing wrong. That’s not leadership. It’s cowardice from the guy who told the country while he was running that he would always take responsibility for what happens under his administration and to be sure, the fentanyl crisis is worse today than when he took office.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter when Kiessling’s sons died. It doesn’t matter what Marjorie Taylor Greene said or whoever Biden was also trying to reference. What matters is that the border is in shambles right now and tens of thousands of Americans are dying a year because of it. Biden’s policies have made that crisis worse. That’s what we should be talking about right now. This is a crisis of leadership.

Editor’s Note: Joe Biden must be held accountable for his open border policies that are contributing to our nation’s fentanyl crisis. Support RedState’s work so we can continue to bring you the truth.

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