James O'Keefe Resigns From Project Veritas in Stunning Move

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

Things at Project Veritas have come to a head. James O’Keefe, who founded the undercover journalism organization, has officially resigned after internal tensions broke out into the open recently.


In early February, O’Keefe was placed on “leave” for reasons not entirely understood, though it has been reasonably ascertained that the board of the organization had serious problems with his leadership. That battle has now come to a head.

This entire situation confuses me. O’Keefe is fresh off one of his biggest stings ever, catching a research and development director from Pfizer admitting that the company is mutating COVID-19 to produce future vaccines. That video was watched tens of millions of times, representing a boon for Project Veritas. Of all the times for there to be tension inside the organization, this would seem like the least likely.

Regardless, O’Keefe is out anyway. Perhaps some further explanation will be revealed soon, but I’m not sure Project Veritas stays relevant without the person who has been behind its success. On the other hand, O’Keefe will no doubt land on his feet. He’s started new ventures before, and his strategy is tested and proven. I expect him to be out with something new in short order.


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