WATCH: Left-Wing Protesters Mob Joe Biden While at Dinner

Joe and Jill Biden are confronted by CODEPINK protesters while at dinner (2/18/23) (Credit: Twitter/CODEPINK)

Left-wing activists from the anti-war group CODEPINK cornered Joe Biden while he was eating dinner on Saturday night. Viral video of the incident shows protesters shouting at the president and his wife, Jill Biden, as they sit in the corner of the restaurant.


Members of the left-wing group, which describes itself as a “feminist grassroots organization working to support peace & human rights,” are heard shouting about ending the war in Ukraine and lifting the blockade on Cuba. Hilariously, the servers that move in are all wearing N95 masks…in the year 2023 because apparently science isn’t a thing in Washington, DC.

Normally, I’d condemn such behavior but it’s hard to do so in this situation when Joe Biden and his party are the ones who created this environment. They laughed at Ted Cruz getting heckled and driven out the backdoor of a restaurant in 2018. They dismissed the danger Rand Paul and his wife were placed in when they were mobbed outside the RNC in 2020.

Things then came to a head in 2022 when far-left abortion activists were allowed to harass conservative Supreme Court justices at their homes, leading to an assassination attempt against Brett Kavanaugh. Despite pleas for help, Biden and his DOJ pointedly refused to enforce federal law, which prohibits harassing judges in an attempt to influence their decisions.


So yeah, I have no sympathy for Biden’s dinner being interrupted by the hordes that he coddled and encouraged. Perhaps getting a taste of what he’s wrought will change his stance on encouraging public harassment of officials? Oh, who am I kidding, that’s not going to happen.

It will be interesting, though, to see how the press reacts to this. Do they laugh it off as they did when Republicans were the targets or do they show their hypocrisy by gnashing their teeth? I guess we’ll see.


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