The Shameless Abuse of John Fetterman Comes to a Head

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

As RedState reported, Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) is back in the hospital for a second time since taking office. According to a statement put out by his staff, the senator recently checked himself into Walter Reed to receive treatment for severe clinical depression.


That should be news to Pennsylvanians given there was never any admission during the 2022 election that Fetterman suffered from depression. Apparently, this has been a long-running issue, separate from the stroke that has left him unable to perform the basic functions of his office.

Where do things go from here? Who knows. Pennsylvania elected a man who was clearly not capable of doing the job, and now they are stuck with him until he resigns, at which point the Democrat governor will appoint the replacement.

And that’s what this has always been about. Fetterman, whatever one may think of his own culpability (and he has some), was shamelessly abused by those closest to him, including his wife. They did so to cynically ensure Republicans didn’t win another US Senate seat. No one behind the scenes thought Fetterman could actually serve out his term. They just wanted a warm body serving as a placeholder just long enough to make sure his replacement would also be a Democrat.

Politics often disgusts me, but this situation is especially disturbing. It’s also infuriating given that Gisele Fetterman ruthlessly trashed anyone who questioned her husband’s health as an “ableist,” clearly serving as the main push to keep him in the race. Now, she wants “privacy.”


How many years of his life did she steal from her husband, so she could get glowing press interviews and full spreads in Vogue? Were the podcasts and appearances with the president worth it? Even after John Fetterman was sworn in, Gisele Fetterman was there, making herself the center of attention and attending events as if she were actually the senator.

Her shallow ambition actually surpasses that of Jill Biden, willing to see her husband possibly die if it means notoriety and a seat at the political table. This is the time when a loving wife should be telling her husband it’s time to stop. Instead, if her statements are any indication, Gisele Fetterman seems content to let him keep suffering in the spotlight. Does she really think she’s going to take his place? Is that what this is about?


To end, let me say this. Pennsylvanian voters need to take a long, hard look in the mirror because they own this as well. Fetterman’s overall condition was not a secret. Anyone who wasn’t aware of it before was made aware by the lone senatorial debate he participated in. What was going on was obvious to everyone paying attention, and voters still elected him. Yes, Gisele Fetterman is shameless, but voters had the chance to stop this charade before it got too far. They didn’t, and now they will suffer the consequences.



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