Hilarious VICE Discussion Panel on 'Asian Hate' Is the Absolute State of the Deranged Left

VICE hosts a panel on being a "model minority." (Credit: Vice)

VICE recently held a discussion panel on “Asian Hate,” including the supposed plight of being a “model minority,” and it illustrated the absolute state of the deranged, race-obsessed left.


Things quickly went off the rails as the panel’s few conservatives clashed with several of the outspoken progressives. Disagreements over “whiteness” and how success is realized escalated into fireworks, with one purple-haired woman stealing the show, and not in a good way.

Here are a few of the funniest clips, though you can watch the full panel by clicking here.

I feel sorry for the poor guy in a suit. He’s sitting there trying to explain that he doesn’t feel as if he’s held back by a nefarious conspiracy of “white” power structures, but before he can finish, the purple-haired woman jumps in shouting about “white people.” Meanwhile, her sidekick, who we’ll call green-shirt dude, is making weird faces as if he’s in shock someone would suggest “whiteness” isn’t responsible for all the world’s ills.

It’s the second clip that is just everything, though. The discussion moves to why Asians have high incomes and low crime rates compared to other races (including whites), and the guy in a suit points out that things like family cohesion, personal responsibility, and cultural expectations are part of the reason. That sends the purple-haired woman into an apoplectic rage, accusing him of racism. The green-shirt dude then starts flipping out in shock that someone would dare suggest out-of-wedlock births are a cause of poverty. It’s absolutely hilarious.


Here’s a bit more of their argument over “whiteness.” It’s a real shame the moderator jumped in to save the progressives from actually having to define their terms because the guy in a suit had them dead to rights.

When you listen to the shouted opinions of the various progressives on the panel, their worldviews boil down to one thing: “Whiteness” is to be avoided at all costs, even if the things being described as “whiteness” are objectively positive and ultimately non-racial. The guy in the suit keeps trying to make the point that assimilation is good if the culture you are assimilating into practices that produce personal success and social cohesion.

Shouldn’t that be common sense? Go to school, don’t have kids until you’re married, and don’t break the law. Do those things and you’ve got a very good shot in America to succeed in life, no matter what race you are. That doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist or that some people won’t hit speed bumps in certain situations, but the complete dismissal of success in America as “whiteness” is laughably dumb. It also happens to be false.



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