Welcome to Economic Hell

The inflation numbers for October 2021 have dropped, and while they’ve got Wall Street excited, normal Americans are in for a shock. The Consumer Price Index came in at 7.1 percent, but that’s only part of the story.


Consider what products are seeing their highest price increases and ask yourself whether your prices have only gone up 7.1 percent year over year.

Yesterday, I tried to go buy some meat at the grocery store with the notion to buy some rib-eye steaks. The prices were so exhorbitant that I went home with a pack of pork. There was absolutely nothing available in the meat department I would consider affordable to a normal family. It’s just a matter of how low in quality one wants to go while still paying too much for it. Meanwhile, eggs, perhaps the most common family staple in existence, are up 49.1 percent.

But these numbers don’t even give the whole story because we’ve now officially entered the period where year-over-year totals tell us nothing except that last year’s totals were also high. When your baseline is 6.8 percent, which is what November 2021’s inflation rate was, then that 7.1 percent in 2022 actually adds up to a 14.4 percent increase in prices since Joe Biden was elected.


It is insane to think that Americans are paying 14.4 percent more for things (and much more for many important things) than just two years ago. That’s Joe Biden’s America and its economic hell. Of course, we have an official term for what this is as well. It’s called stagflation, described as consistently high inflation coupled with consistently unimpressive growth. This is the 1970s all over again, and all it took was a senile old man being put in the White House to make that a reality.

To that, I say “great job America.” Far too many voters went to the polls last month and voted for Democrats at levels no one expected, stamping out the possible red wave and putting their stamp of approval on this horrific, disastrous presidency. How’s that working out? Biden and his cohorts are only going to double down now, and it was completely avoidable.


What’s even more infuriating is Karine Jean-Pierre and the rest of the White House propagandists are going to go out there and proclaim this latest inflation report as a victory. It’s a win for them that you are paying around 20 percent more for groceries than when they took office, and no one in the media will call them on it.

Answer me this: How bad do things have to get before voters stop valuing ridiculous arguments over personality compared to actual policy results? Do eggs need to be $10 a dozen? Does low-grade ground beef need to be $8 a pound? Will that finally snap these people back into reality? Because I’m sick and tired of suffering so left-wing ideologues can feel good about themselves on Twitter. I bet most people reading this are too.


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