Elon Musk Accused of Promoting QAnon in Latest Leftwing Fit of Rage

Progressivism is one long fit of rage, constantly pushing toward the most absurd reaction to any given situation, and Elon Musk is currently its top target.

And because progressivism is one escalation after another, it was just a matter of time before Musk was connected to QAnon. It all started with a fairly innocuous tweet encouraging people to follow a rabbit emoji (i.e. the white rabbit). Then Caroline Orr Bueno, who studies “disinformation” and has half a million followers, showed up with this banger.


Apparently, they just give out doctorates like candy these days. The surest sign you are dealing with a deranged individual, though, is the fact that Bueno is a behavioral scientist living off the teat of academia. That’s an environment ripe for smelling one’s own farts to the point of conspiratorial delusion.

Does anyone see an “explicit” call to follow QAnon in Musk posting a bunny emoji? If you don’t, that’s because one doesn’t exist. Still, Beuno soldiered on into the bowels of QAnon trolling to find a few posts that confirm her priors.


That seems like a few less than 120 million people, but I don’t have a doctorate in mathematics to know for sure. So are the above posts indicative of anything but a tiny number of people who like to troll left-wing academics? Nah, but Beuno thinks she’s cracked the case, and that’s the real entertainment value here. Over-educated individuals who have convinced themselves that their brilliance reveals a monster under every bed. You are just too much of a rube to see them.

In actuality, the opposite is true. Bueno isn’t smart. Rather, she’s so vapid as to have no possible argument outside of the most extreme, baseless interpretation. It couldn’t possibly be that Musk has seen the Matrix or that he’s a fan of Jefferson Airplane. No, it’s got to be that he’s secretly QAnon, pushing his followers to join a “domestic terrorist” group.

That’s the same dynamic that leads the left to accuse those on the right of being nazis. It’s beyond their mental capacity to argue for their policies in an affirmative manner. Instead, they fall on the lazy trope of comparing their opponents to genocidal maniacs because that’s all they can come up with. They don’t want to bear any scrutiny of their own positions so they attempt to simply disqualify the other side from consideration.


As to what Musk was actually talking about? Far from promoting QAnon, he was making a cryptic reference to a Twitter account that provided some stats on lockdowns and COVID-19 deaths. Reality is so much more boring than the leftwing mind.

I don’t know what Musk will end up making off Twitter monetarily in the long run, but whatever it is, it will have been worth it. No man since Donald Trump has managed to cause the left more consternation, and that feels like a pretty good value.


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