Joe Biden 'Talks in Circles' While Trying to Claim He's Curing Cancer, Lies to Suffering Americans

Jim Watson/Pool via AP

As a writer for a conservative news and commentary site, I remember the Trump administration as being chock full of content. There was always something to write about because someone was always freaking out about something the former president had done, and when Joe Biden was sworn in, I worried that things would be a bit too boring.


After all, how much content could a nearly 80-year-old man really offer? Well, I was completely wrong to undersell the boon that Biden would provide. He’s been a goldmine, and Monday provided yet more fodder for those who would prefer to have a president who is sentient.

But before we get to Biden’s most recent senility (boy, is that a sentence I’m sick of writing), here are a few of the more blatant lies from the president’s speech on Monday.

Have your costs gotten lower? Because I just paid over $3.00 a gallon for gas about 20 minutes ago and the ribeyes my family enjoyed last Friday were $13.99 a pound. But we don’t have to speculate. We know that inflation rose last month because Biden’s own administration admitted that via the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The CPI rose 0.4 percent to a topline of 8.2 percent, an acceleration from prior months.


Meanwhile, claiming that Democrats are fiscally responsible seems about as absurd as saying that Harvey Weinstein was a respecter of women. Everyone knows it’s a lie so why even tell it? Typically, when you spew falsehoods, you should at least attempt to make them believable. The deficit right now is still around $1 trillion. The only “deficit reduction” that Biden has had under his watch came because COVID-era programs expired after Republicans refused to renew them. If the president had his way, we’d probably still have a $2 trillion deficit.

Anyway, past the details of the speech, the man who almost passed out during an MSNBC interview a few days ago decided to leave the stage to work the crowd. That went about as well as you’d expect.

I said it in a previous article a week ago. It is a mistake to give this guy a microphone to carry around, especially when his podium already has mics built into it. Biden wandering amidst a crowd can only lead to bad things, and in that clip it certainly did.

For example, the President of the United States claimed that he is “starting” to “cure cancer.” Now, I’m not saying there haven’t been advancements in treatments over the last several decades, but in no way is Joe Biden in the process of curing cancer. It’s just wrong to screw around peoples’ emotions like that for what is clearly meant to just be a political talking point.


Things just got weirder from there. Biden started to use his creepy “empathy” voice while attempting to tell a story that never actually goes anywhere. His brain just goes haywire and everyone in the room is left nodding along awkwardly while the rest of us are expected to treat this stuff as if it’s normal.

Meanwhile, despite the lies and the senility, the fact-checking industry remains oddly silent.



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