Joe Biden Suffers Major Loss Over His Student Loan Forgiveness Scam

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Life comes at you fast. On Thursday, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett decided not to get involved with Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness scheme, denying a Wisconsin group’s bid to block the order. That had liberals spiking the football, suggesting that it wouldn’t be possible for anyone to gain standing to challenge the president’s move.


Things shifted quickly on Friday, though. The 8th Circuit has now put an administrative stay in place, stopping Biden from moving forward with any cancellation of student debt.

Six different Republican states led the charge to get the almost certainly illegal plan blocked until the merits of an injunction can be adjudicated. Now, with the pause button pressed, litigation can move forward. And given the makeup of the 8th Circuit, it’s very likely the GOP-led states come out victorious. Eventually, things would likely reach the Supreme Court, and that’s just as bad of a playground for Biden.

He’s the left’s official legal cry-bagger wringing his hands.

Every single time a court goes against the left’s wishes, Stern is there to insist that the move was extreme, nonsensical, and contrary to procedure. Likewise, Stern has never met a decision that benefits the left that he doesn’t love. What a coincidence, right?


It’s also very rich that these people are complaining about nationwide injunctions after leftwing judges used them constantly against the Trump administration, even when they clearly weren’t justified. The left doesn’t want to live by the precedents it uses to harm its opponents. Tough luck, turnabout is fair play.

Hopefully, this is a first step in striking down Biden’s student loan forgiveness scheme. The idea that the president can, with the stroke of a pen, spend one trillion dollars in an attempt to buy votes before a mid-term is absolutely insane and tyrannical.


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