Viral Video of Italy's Victorious Giorgia Meloni Shows Why the Left Hates Her

Video of Giorgia Meloni goes viral after her victory in Italy (Credit: YouTube/cassiusdx)

While we await the apocalyptic, hysterical responses the left has in store for November 8th’s mid-terms, we got a bit of a preview on Sunday of how things will go.


As RedState reported, a coalition of right-wing parties was swept into power in Italy with Giorgia Meloni set to become the nation’s first female prime minister. Predictably, the same left that insists you celebrate every “historic” victory on their side had nothing to say about glass ceilings in this situation. Instead, they fell back on their current favorite trope. Namely, they insisted she’s a “fascist.”

Is she? I can’t really find any evidence of that in her policies. All I see are guilt by association claims related to the origins of the party she leads. But why wouldn’t that same standard apply to Democrats, whose party history is rife with slavery and death?

So who is Meloni and what does she believe? Following her victory, a video of her speaking about her values went viral, and I think it pretty well summarizes exactly why the left despises her.


The video is subtitled so I won’t transcribe it separately, but the overall theme of Meloni’s speech is simple: The left seeks to destroy everything that provides identity to normal people. Whether that be family, religion, or nationality. The goal? To make people cogs in a bureaucratically driven consumer machine. In other words, the vision of the World Economic Forum, where global elites dictate and control a “family of nations” for the “betterment” of the serfs.

“Everything that defines us is now an enemy,” she says in her comments, laying out the erasure of individual identity in favor of government-pushed malaise. Meloni goes on to quote G.K. Chesterton, stating, “Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four, swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in the summer.”


Watching that clip, it’s easy to see why she won. Italians have suffered for years under far-left economic policies, COVID totalitarianism, and a complete loss of their national pride. Meanwhile, EU bureaucrats in Brussells have toasted champagne and enjoyed the spoils. The voters finally said enough is enough, part of a wider backlash across Europe to the predations and perversions of the modern left.

So why does the left hate Meloni so much? Because she’s pro-family, pro-religion, pro-country, and against the transgender lobby. She isn’t a fascist, but she’s a threat to the revolution the left has been waging. For that, she must be demonized and destroyed. Fortunately, she appears ready for the fight.


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