Trans Clinic at Vanderbilt Exposed; Lefties Respond by Calling the FBI on the Person Who Exposed It

The fight against the mutilation and other harm of children under the guise of “children-affirming care” has become ground zero in the culture wars. And whether you love him, hate him, or are indifferent, Matt Walsh has helped the lead the fight.


His documentary What Is a Woman represented a sea change in the conversation that has been picked up by even the highest levels of the Republican Party, and the facts shared therein have been valuable in pushing back against the trans-lobby.

One aspect of that has been exposing these “trans clinics” for their abuse of children. The episode involving Boston Children’s Hospital, documented undercover by Libs of TikTok, made national headlines. Now, the transgender clinic at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN, find itself in the spotlight.


Apparently, this program started in 2018, not to help children, but because it was seen as a “big money maker” that including lots of follow-up appointments. That’s a point many of us have been making all along. At the end of the day, this rush to chop the breasts off of children and pump them with drugs that chemically castrate them is really about making money. It’s another revenue stream for the professional medical community that has chosen to flush its principles down the toilet for an extra buck and some leftwing plaudits.

Then there are the religious freedom issues at play. According to the second video above, Vanderbilt was aware that some doctors would object. For that, they promised “consequences,” part of which ended up being the “trans buddy” system shown above, which is basically a Nazi-esque scheme to have listeners sit in on consultations and report any wrong-think put out by doctors to those seeking “gender-affirming care.”

There are no actual choices here. Either you “affirm,” even if that means mutilating a child and destroying their life, or you face professional repercussions. That kind of thing is only growing more common at these major medical centers, and it’s just a matter of time before it spreads further.


It’s been the typical response by these clinics to quickly scrub their websites and social media the moment they are exposed. Vanderbilt appears to have done that here, taking their website offline. They left up a video on their YouTube channel that confirms what they have been doing, though. There’s also an archive of the website that shows the same thing. These predators want to be able to do what they are doing without facing any public pressure over it. That’s especially sickening.

Of course, the left responded to this not like normal human beings, but by reporting Walsh to the FBI. No, I’m not kidding.


Torres is a radical who practices “gender-affirming care” for profit, but she’s not the only one. Many others reported Walsh to the FBI as well, which is a very authoritarian impulse.

The idea that federal law enforcement should go after those who exercise free speech in a way others don’t like is tyrannical. But that’s exactly where the left is these days. They truly believe anyone who fights back against their harmful ideology should be in jail. I guess we’ll see if the FBI plays along.


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