Democrats Deliver Disgusting Takes About the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

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On Thursday, as RedState reported, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96. She lived a life fuller than most, standing as a symbol of hope and decency for the country she represented.


The British monarch served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II before taking the throne in 1952 after the death of her father. Since then, she’s been the most prolific royal since Britain’s move to a constitutional and parliamentary system. No matter one’s thoughts on the idea of having a royal family, there’s no question she was beloved by her country and many others outside it.

Of course, leave it to the American left to show how disgusting people can be. The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill and others decided to make the queen’s death about racism and colonialism because why wouldn’t they?


There have been many times when a political figure I didn’t like died. Do you know what I did in those instances? I shut my mouth because I’m not a terrible human being. When someone dies, that is not the time to litigate every single thing they did or didn’t do throughout their lives. It’s certainly not the time to push political narratives for partisan gain.

But while behaving like something less than a monster may come naturally to most of us, it doesn’t come naturally to the woke left. These people are deranged to the point of believing every single thing that happens revolves around their ideology and their viewpoints. That’s how you get this professor from Pennsylvania delivering a take this hot.

Here’s the problem. Even if Queen Elizabeth II had been an actual ruling monarch, there would be no justification for trashing her in death. Still, it is worth pointing out that she was nothing more than a figurehead. She presided over the end of British colonialism, not an expansion of it. She had no say in the nation’s foreign policy. Blaming her for “genocide” in Africa or the Iraq War makes no sense.


But these woke lunatics never make sense. They see racism in everything, and they are more than happy to let you know about it. Further, they make their gross proclamations with absolute certainty that they hold the moral high ground. They don’t, though. Jemele Hill, Wesley Lowrey, and Uju Anya are privileged elites leeching off the success of a nation they hate. They aren’t victims and are far more likely to be the victimizers, using their platforms to spread obscene, irrational hate.

How exhausting must it be to live like that? Unfortunately, it also pays well, so don’t expect there to be any shortage of race hustlers going forward.


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