Adam Kinzinger Heads to the Fainting Couch Again

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I regret to inform you that Adam Kinzinger is disappointed in you again. I know, it’s a tough pill to swallow, and one that will likely leave you crushed, but the other Republican on the January 6th committee, the one that even the libs don’t like, is demanding penance for your sins.


Kinzinger’s latest fainting spell was brought on by, what else, Donald Trump’s recent rally speech in Pennsylvania. Did the former president paint half of the country as fascists who pose a threat to the country? Nah, that was Joe Biden. Rather, Trump made the unthinkable, grotestque, disgusting move of…criticizing the FBI and the DOJ?

Viewer discretion is advised.

Upon hearing about that commentary, Kinzinger immediately grabbed his smelling salts and took to social media to let it be known that not only was Trump guilty of being “un-American,” but so was anyone else who didn’t directly condemn his statement.


The first clue that Kinzinger holds the moral authority to make this demand is found in his Twitter handle. Notice that Ukrainian flag? Rest assured that any person sporting one of those holds the moral high ground in any situation. Kinzinger takes things a step farther, though, putting the Ukraine flag before the American flag, so you know he’s righteous and good.

Still, despite his obviously unimpeachable credentials, I must disagree with the man who cried during a House hearing and sees MSNBC hits as the pinnacle of intellectual thought. You see, despite his protestations, Republicans don’t have to condemn Trump for daring to go after the DOJ and the FBI lest they be condemned.

Why? Because in America, it’s not “un-American” at all to criticize the federal government. In fact, one of the most un-American things one can do is show blind loyalty to state power. Questioning authority is a quintessentially American ideal. Kinzinger, being the naive, self-indulgent person that he is, seems to be under the impression that one’s loyalty to the nation hinges on lauding the FBI. I would suggest that’s crazy talk.


Kinzinger’s demand is even darker than that, though. It comes from a place of hatred for his fellow countrymen, almost all of which have not actually done anything wrong. He wants to see them brought to heel for no other reason than voting differently than he’d prefer. These people weren’t at the Capitol on January 6th. They just pulled the handle for Trump instead of Biden, and for Kinzinger, that is the truly unforgivable act. Those people must be punished.

Now that’s un-American, is it not?


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