The Washington Post Hits an Iceberg, Major Layoffs Reported on the Way

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If you were to ask most conservatives what the worst newspaper in the country is, you’d get a lot of arguments between The New York Times and The Washington Post. But, despite the Times’ deep hatred of Republicans and its clear partisan reporting, in my opinion, the correct answer is the Post.


No national newspaper has been as blatant of a mouthpiece for government corruption and political bias, and if you still have doubts, just remember that they also employ Taylor Lorenz, perhaps the worst “reporter” on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Times is a destructive entity, but the Post is the worst of the worst, and if you want a recent example, see my colleague Brad Slager’s latest piece.

Of course, newspapers must still exist within the free market, and apparently, being a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party isn’t all that profitable. According to a new report from the Times, the Post has hit a financial iceberg and is taking on water. CEO Fred Ryan has suggested cutting 100 positions in the newsroom.

When there’s talk of people losing their jobs, I’m often sympathetic. In this case, I couldn’t care less. The Post is a terrible, bad-faith publication that trashes its political opponents and doesn’t even attempt to offer a balanced view of the political sphere. All the while, they claim to be a standard bearer of non-partisan, fair reporting. In reality, most of its reporters are vicious partisans who spend their time writing hit pieces to push Democrat narratives. Not a single Republican should lose sleep over any layoffs happening within that newsroom.


Besides, it appears this move is warranted for more reasons than just financial concerns.

The reporters that work at the Post have it made compared to most Americans. They get good salaries and benefits with an amount of flexibility most couldn’t dream of. Yet, they apparently can’t even be bothered to show up for work anymore. Heck, they aren’t even showing up for Zoom meetings. That’s how entitled the paper’s workforce has become. As Taylor Lorenz’s behavior has shown, the inmates run the asylum, and that’s obviously a recipe for financial losses. Riding the woke wave only takes you so far before more normal people decide to do something else with their money.

Regardless, don’t expect this news to lead to any contrition or change within the news industry. Instead, we’ll get wailing and gnashing of teeth with a lot of “you don’t understand how a newsroom works” appeals to authority. Journalists are nothing if they aren’t hopelessly arrogant, and none of them want to take responsibility for their own failures.



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