Geriatric Joe Biden Completely Undermines His Own Argument to Illegally 'Cancel' Student Debt

Joe Biden delivers remarks at Arlington National Cemetery, May 30, 2022. CREDIT: Screenshot/White House

Depending on what day it is, and what policy goals Joe Biden has, the country is either doing the best it ever has or we are in the midst of a crushing pandemic that justifies illegal action.


One minute, we are hearing about record low unemployment and bulging American savings accounts. The next minute COVID-19 is such a clear and present emergency that we must steal money from the working class to pay off the loans of first-year lawyers based on an obscure provision meant for military veterans.

None of it makes sense because the current administration gave up on making sense a long time ago. As proof of that, here’s geriatric Joe Biden mingling among a massive crowd of people sans mask just a day after insisting the pandemic is such a debilitating threat that it requires the “cancelation” of student loan debt on the backs of taxpayers.

There was a time when I’d wonder whether this guy has advisors, but he does. They just don’t care at this point about looking nonsensical and hypocritical. Keep in mind that Biden’s wife still has COVID-19 as of this writing. Yet, the president is walking around, shaking hands with and coughing on people while wanting to use the pandemic as an excuse for illegal actions on student loan debt. All the while, the same administration tells you that the economy is amazing, isn’t in a recession, and is in no way a hamper to the American people. That makes sense, right?


I’ve often said it sarcastically, but I mean this in all seriousness: Nothing matters.

I don’t mean that in a personal sense. Obviously, God, family, and a variety of other things matter in the grand scheme of things. But from a political standpoint, absolutely nothing matters anymore. Politicians, specifically Democrats, fear no boundaries because they have no boundaries. Who’s going to hold them accountable?

The bureaucracy isn’t going to stand in the gap, as shown by the FBI’s abhorrent behavior. The courts might do something, but the damage will already be done by the time that happens. Biden and his handlers know that, which is why, just like with the illegal eviction moratorium, they know they can simply run out the clock before the system catches up. Abuses of power are just strategic maneuvers for this White House.

That once again leaves only one option, which is to show up at the polls in such numbers that a rebuke of Biden and his party becomes the only possible outcome. Still, it’s going to take years to even begin to unravel the corruption put in place. The federal government is eaten up with it, and removing a few politicians isn’t going to scratch the surface.


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