WATCH: Security for Democrat Val Demings Assaults Bystander in Crazy Scene

Security for Val Demmings assaults bystander. (Via Twitter)

Depending on who you ask, Sen. Marco Rubio is either cruising to reelection in Florida or he’s in a hotly contested race with Democrat Val Demings. I tend to agree with the former assessment and strongly suspect Rubio will be victorious in November.


Demings continues to garner hype, though, no matter how long her odds are because she’s the type of Democrat that makes Democrats believe they can win in Florida. Yes, she’s as radical as you’d suspect, but she does a good job of papering over that reality by appearing to be a serious legislator. I will admit that she’s about as good as Democrats could have hoped for in the Sunshine State.

On a slightly different note, Demings’ security guards don’t appear to be quite as good. Footage has been released showing them assaulting a bystander to the point of sending him to the hospital.

There is nothing in the video that suggests the guy filming was posing any kind of threat. Even still, security guards do not have the right to physically harm someone just because of what they may perceive. These two men tackled this guy and did enough damage to send him to the emergency room. That’s got to be a crime, and local law enforcement is currently investigating the incident.

Making matters worse, one of the men who committed the assault further threatened the victim, stating that he used to “bounce people like you off their head in the jail.” That seems a bit excessive, wouldn’t you say? Though, it does give you a window into the types of people who populate law enforcement agencies across the country. Mindlessly “back the blue” they scream. Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me.


Moving to the broader political implications, there are obviously not going to be any. Val Demings is a Democrat, which means this story only exists within the right-wing news-sphere. Imagine if Marco Rubio’s security had brutally attacked a leftwing individual who was just filming the senator, following it up with violent comments. The cries for criminal charges would be deafening, but more so, Rubio would quickly be labeled a fascist in control of his jackbooted thugs. He certainly wouldn’t be left to not answer for the matter.

Demings won’t even receive a question about what happened here, though. The mainstream media aren’t reporting it, and no one cares that a guy got sent to the hospital by a Democrat politician’s overzealous protectors. There are two sets of rules, and that’s why any conservative better be on their guard when interacting in this kind of environment.


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