Joe Biden Announces He Has 'Cancer' in Series of 25th Amendment-Worthy Moments

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Joe Biden just dropped the biggest bombshell in presidential history. Either that or he dropped the biggest gaffe. It’s probably the latter, as we’ll discuss, but I’m not sure that makes things any better.


While speaking in Massachusetts on Wednesday, the president claimed to have “cancer,” citing supposed oil slicks on the windows of cars. Apparently, being exposed to oil residue as a child gives you cancer later in life? I don’t know. None of what he says in the following clip makes sense, and it’s best to just take it for what it is.

I mean, come on, what is he talking about? Even the claim that oil was so prevalent in the air during his childhood that they used windshield wipers to get it off strikes me as fanciful. Was that really a common thing back then? And what medical science says that exposure to oil residue as a kid causes cancer over half a century later?

Past that, Biden announcing to the world that “I and so damn many other people have cancer” seems like a pretty big blunder. I’m going to assume that’s what it was, but there should certainly be some questions asked about his comments later. He didn’t say he “had” cancer. He said “have,” which is present tense, and presidents don’t get to say they have cancer without some kind of clarification.


Of course, the “fact-checkers” are already hot on the case. The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler quickly jumped in to chide the RNC for posting the clip, citing the fact that Biden has had cancerous skin tags removed in the past. To that I’d ask, does Kessler know what the word “have” means?

Or how cancer works?

That wasn’t the only 25th Amendment-worthy moment of the speech, though. Biden managed to claim that Glasgow, Scotland is in England, which will be news to those who live there and are decidely not in England. He also completely bungled the name of Rep. Jake Auchincloss before calling him…a “she?”

Totally normal stuff from the Commander in Chief, and I don’t mean that ironically. This is actually totally normal stuff from a guy who rarely seems to know what day it is and is so obviously suffering from severe mental decline. I don’t remember past presidents being so confused that they mistakenly claim to currently have cancer, but for Biden, it’s just another day in paradise.


These kinds of blunders aren’t just fun and games for Biden’s detractors either. They are damaging to America’s standing in the world. It is not safe to have a president who consistently advertises that he’s not up for the job he holds. Adversarial nations take notice and they take action based on such perceived weakness. There’s a reason Russia stayed out of Ukraine until Biden took office.

Luckily, though, no matter what the situation is, Biden is married to a doctor, so I’m sure he’s going to be in the best of hands. Jokes aside, the president either has cancer or dementia. Those rushing to defend this latest spectacle can pick one, and neither is good.


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