Joe Biden Hits Another Milestone of Pure Ineptitude

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Joe Biden continues to play approval limbo, and just when you might have thought things couldn’t get worse, they have.

CNN has released its new survey, one which has traditionally been kinder to Biden than other polls. Yet, it shows the president with the lowest approval at this point in a presidency in the survey’s history. He’s now even dipped below Donald Trump, who was in the depths of the farcical Mueller investigation at this point in his term.


Being lower than Jimmy Carter in 1978 is quite the feat, but Biden is just the man to pull it off. Despite not having to deal with essentially any unfair outside pressures (such as the Mueller investigation or the Iran hostage situation), the current president has managed to screw things up all by himself. He’s taken a recovering economy and turned in straight quarters of negative growth (also called a recession). He’s caused inflation to explode with his big spending boondoggles. He’s even screwed up every foreign policy move he’s made, from Afghanistan to his recent trip to Saudi Arabia.

It’s been one self-imposed failure after another, and Americans are not letting him off the hook.


It sure looks like that plan to focus on abortion and climate change has backfired big time. Who could have possibly predicted that (raises hand)? Voters don’t want a president who is trying to fight a progressive revolution for the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They want a president who delivers a good economy and the ability to advance. Very few Americans base their political views solely on abortion access until birth. Even fewer care about hysterical climate change proclamations. This isn’t complicated, though Biden has done his best to make it so.

Moving on to other parts of the poll, the demographic breakdowns offer no hope to the president either.

For some reason, African-Americans, who have been hit hard by Biden’s blunders, still approve of him at a 57 percent rate (a really bad rate for Democrats historically), but Hispanics tell a far different story. They only approve of the president at a 38 percent rate with a whopping 60 percent disapproval. Those are historically bad numbers, and they portend a continued shift of Hispanics toward Republicans headed into the mid-terms.


Heck, Biden is now even underwater with white college graduates, though I believe white college-educated women still give him a positive approval rating because there’s just no hope for liberal wine moms.

The moral of the story is that Biden is in trouble. He’s not just a bad president, he’s a historically bad president. There’s no reason to believe he turns it around either. He can shuffle staff, which is likely to happen after November, but Biden is still Biden. That means failure is inevitable, and the pain will continue.


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