Joe Biden's Brain Goes Haywire in the Middle East, and That's the Least of His Worries

It’s been quite the week for President Joe Biden, and that’s led to a smorgasbord of material for writers here at RedState. The president’s brain farts, confusion, and general ineptness have delivered an embarrassing amount of noteworthy moments since he landed in Israel on Wednesday. We saw his physical inability, his mental inability, and his temper flare. Most of all, we witnessed failure, as Biden walked away from the Saudis without securing any type of win on the energy front.


On Friday, the president delivered this gem of a comment during his presser, managing to not tell the reporters what he means, while bragging that he always tells them what he means. Can anyone translate this?

I’ve read the transcript of that remark about a dozen times, and all I’m getting out of it is a headache. I guess he was trying to say something akin to “I say what I mean and mean what I say”? Honestly, I have no idea, which is not a good sign when you are talking about the President of the United States operating on the world stage. I can just imagine Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and his boys having a good laugh over this. They don’t look at Biden and fear his competence because he exhibits none.

Really, what are we doing here? At some point, those around the president need to get him back in the basement, because this has long moved past the point of being funny and into the realm of harming American interests. Heck, does anyone think the fist bump the Saudi crown prince gave to Biden–that caused so much outrage–was meant to do anything but show the president’s capitulation, after he previously proclaimed he’d never meet with Mohammed Bin Salman?


Yet, somehow, Biden’s policies manage to be worse than his senility. During the same presser, he had this to say about gas prices.

Even in that clip, his inability to articulate an argument is apparent; though, it’s a secondary complaint at this point. What does his trip to Saudi Arabia have to do with US gas stations lowering prices? Given Biden secured no concessions from the Saudis on oil production, there is no connection.

Regardless, it’s so clear that we are dealing with a president who has no policy chops at all, and every day that his term drags on, more and more Americans are harmed. Contrary to naive suggestions that you could stick a warm body in the White House while prioritizing “normalcy,” the ability to negotiate and get things done actually matters. Biden traveled to Saudi Arabia, fist-bumped a dictator, and walked away with nothing. His response? Some cryptic ranting about gas prices.

Even then, gas prices are not coming down in any meaningful way yet. The national average is sitting at $4.57 a gallon. That remains a record high compared to any historical price prior to Biden’s entry into office. Are American families really supposed to rejoice over saving $5-10 a week in gas, while it still costs nearly double what it did under the last president? And the only reason oil is dropping in price is that the inflation crisis and higher interest rates are starting to choke off economic demand. So yeah, gas prices are going down… and all it took was a recession. Great job, Joe!


I know many on the right, including myself, have complained about the fact that Biden spends nearly every weekend on vacation in Delaware. But honestly, that’s the best place for him. At least there, he’s just falling off his bike and he’s not tearing down American stature while emboldening the nation’s adversaries in the process.


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