A Bumbling Joe Biden Absolutely Embarrasses Himself During Disastrous Middle Eastern Pressers

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A big part of the responsibilities of the President of the United States – otherwise known as the “leader of the free world” – is to be able to appear in public while looking, acting, and sounding coherent, engaged, in charge, and like you know exactly what’s going on.


Unfortunately, our current Oval Office occupant Joe Biden has repeatedly demonstrated over his time in office so far that he is unable to do so, like during his “Summit of the Americas” presser in June where he forgot Barack Obama’s name and got tripped up by the teleprompter, as well as the October 2021 G20 summit where he looked out of sorts and confused and had to have help from one of his Cabinet secretaries at one point in turning on a microphone.

There was also the virtual summit the White House hosted in September 2021 on a new trilateral security partnership between the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Towards the end of it, instead of referring to then-Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison by name, Biden called him “that fella down under” and “Mr. Prime Minister” because apparently, he didn’t remember his name. It was an incredibly cringe-worthy moment that was covered extensively by the European and Aussie press corps respectively but was, of course, largely ignored by the U.S. media.

Regrettably, Biden is still embarrassing himself – and this country during speaking engagements and pressers, with the latest examples coming during a Middle Eastern trip he took this week where in the end it appears nothing was gained on the oil supply front and where Biden managed to insult our Israeli and U.K. allies in an unscripted moment that undoubtedly will have to be smoothed over by his frantic handlers through back channels.


And during two press conferences, including one with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, it got even worse. Watch below as Biden promises the U.S. will donate “1 million doses of COVID-19 to the West Bank and Gaza”:

At another presser, Biden sounded and looked sick, coughing multiple times (as has happened before):

In fairness, I don’t hold anyone coughing against them. I have senior citizen relatives who are over 70 years old and who regularly cough but who don’t have a cold or anything like that. Though I love them dearly, I’d never want them to be president, because the job is enormously stressful and demanding, and is meant for someone who can go the distance and who won’t have other world leaders constantly second-guessing their ability to lead.

Last but not least, here’s Biden looking confused as he tries to leave the stage:

At one point during the trip apparently, even his NatSec advisors threw up their hands in frustration:


You know it’s getting bad for Biden when the troubling moments add up in just a matter of a few days. As some of my other colleagues have previously suggested, even though rubbing elbows with world leaders is part of the job description for the POTUS, it’s long past time for his handlers to consider keeping him here where they have a better chance of keeping a lid on him and containing the calamitous damage that inevitably occurs internationally when Joe Biden opens his mouth during these foreign excursions.

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