Joe Biden Slammed for 'Shameful' Fist Bump

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden’s Middle East tour has not gone well. After originally arriving in Israel, the president stumbled the moment he came off of Air Force One, both physically and in regard to his comments on the Holocaust.


Things didn’t get better as he gave interviews and did press conferences. Biden’s mental decline was on full display, projecting weakness across the globe. Eventually, he ended up in Saudi Arabia, a country he has formally said he wants to make a “pariah,” where a fist bump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman became a major story.

Now, the fallout has escalated. The Washington Post slammed Biden, calling the fist bump “shameful.”

Is it possible for everyone to be dumb in this situation? Because that’s what I’m going with.

On the one hand, Joe Biden is a ridiculous man who spent the last year-and-a-half isolating the Saudis to try to appease terrorists in Iran. That has helped raise oil prices and made the Middle East a more volatile place. The president has taken the massive, historic success of the Abraham Accords and done his level best to destroy it in order to get a pointless nuclear deal.

Given that, Biden looks absolutely pathetic crawling back to the Saudis, giving fist bumps after he essentially pledged to destroy them last year. That’s not showing strength. It’s showing that the United States has no coherent foreign policy. The president never should have tried to isolate the Saudis, and in doing so, he chalked up another failure in a long list of failures spanning half a century of policy making.


With that said, the Post’s continued obsession with trying to make Jamal Khashoggi a “journalist” is ridiculous. Foreign policy is complicated, and there are rarely good guys. Everything is shades of gray, and Khashoggi was a Muslim Brotherhood operative who helped bring death and destruction to the Middle East for years. That doesn’t mean the Saudis taking him out is morally defensible, but it does mean that when two bad guys go at each other, it’s not surprising when bad things happen. Khashoggi was not a freedom fighter, and his association with the Post prior to his death was insane. American newspapers aren’t supposed to employ terrorist supporters.

So in the end, Biden’s policies toward the Saudis have been terrible and harmful for American interests. His about-face is purely a product of abject failure forcing his hand. Yet, the Post’s hand-wringing is just as harmful, pretending that the Saudis are somehow uniquely evil when compared to Iran or other dictatorships the United States deals with. Again, everyone is dumb in this situation.


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