SCOTUS Finally Pushes Back on 'Protests' at Justices' Homes

AP Photo/Anna Johnson

For months now, “protesters” have been marching and generally acting like insane people in front of the homes of the conservative Supreme Court Justices. The harassment and threats began after the initial leak of what is now the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade. That eventually culminated in an attempt to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


Unfortunately, there has been essentially no will by the powers that be to shut down this nonsense, and even the Supreme Court has largely stayed silent. That changed on Saturday after the court released a statement demanding that local governments enforce their statutes regarding protesting in front of the homes of judges.

It’s nuts that things have been allowed to get this far out of hand. Even though I would disagree vehemently, one could at least make the case that the protests should have been allowed until the decisions were officially released. But that time has passed, with the term ending on Thursday. There is no mechanism whereby the Supreme Court can now go back and undo what was done due to public pressure. Thus, these protests are pointless and represent nothing but personal, threatening attacks on members of the court.

What’s worse is that Maryland still currently has a “Republican” governor in Larry Hogan. Yet, he has cowardly stood by, refusing to enforce the laws already on the books. While you’d prefer for the local authorities to do their jobs, Hogan has a state police force to call on. There is absolutely no excuse to continue to allow this lawlessness to fester.


The rhetoric against the Supreme Court is only getting more divisive, and it’s coming from the very top of the Democrat party. Just days ago, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proclaimed that there was a “judicial coup” occurring, which is a green light for all sorts of retaliatory action. Someone is going to get hurt if things don’t change, and that change is going to have to happen among law enforcement. Yes, people have a right to protest on public property. They don’t have a right to enter private neighborhoods and act like lunatics.


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