Smoking Gun for the Uvalde Police Response to Deadly School Shooter Emerges

AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills

While the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, TX, has become overshadowed by a wider national push for “gun control,” the response of the local police remains a top issue.


As RedState has chronicled extensively, decisions were made that not only cost lives but also made no sense whatsoever. Reports in the immediate aftermath indicated the police refused to enter the school, choosing to harass and detain distraught parents instead. In the days following the shooting, revelations that the police waited for a “tactical team” and then wouldn’t even allow that tactical team to enter until the Border Patrol agents finally disobeyed orders over an hour later painted a disturbing picture.

Even past that, we’ve since learned that the shooter walked around for a full 12 minutes before entering the school, shooting indiscriminately. Given the police department itself is less than ten minutes away, that is inexplicable. But if there is any doubt left that the Uvalde police are directly culpable for allowing so much bloodshed, a smoking gun has emerged.


To make the timeline clear here, the shooter was shooting for 12 minutes outside without any police response. He then entered an unlocked backdoor, followed in by police minutes later. The police then barricaded the shooter inside the room per their own admission. Instead of attempting entry to stop the carnage, they sat around for over an hour until a Border Patrol team went in of their own volition.

Prior to this surveillance video, the police claimed they attempted to enter the room but were forced back by gunfire. Now, we know that they never even tried to get inside, choosing to retreat like cowards, completely absconding from their duty to protect and serve.

Further, a mother who entered the school to rescue her children recently revealed that the shooting inside the classroom continued well after the police arrived (again, contradicting initial claims by police that the shooter had killed everyone within a few minutes). That means that the shooter was systematically executing children while the police just sat there. That’s so unconscionable that it makes me feel sick to my stomach just to write.


It doesn’t get any worse than this, and it’s infuriating that so many, including some GOP senators, are choosing to obsess over meaningless, ineffective gun control policies instead of talking about the biggest, most direct failure in Uvalde. Lastly, the idea that any law-abiding citizen of the United States should be disarmed in the face of this shooting is asinine. Why would any sane person want to place their safety in the hands of police who refuse to do their jobs? That’s the discussion we should actually be having right now instead of arguing over red flag laws.


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