Joe Biden Paints a Masterpiece of Cringe Commenting on CFO's Death

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden’s descent into senility has been quite the thing to witness. Over the course of the last three years or so, he’s gone from being a dunce of a politician to a dunce of a politician who can’t tell you what day it is.


Who can forget his encounter with the Easter Bunny on the White House lawn, where a staffer in a bunny suit rushed in to pull him away from reporters as he mumbled, seemingly unprompted, about Afghanistan? Or more recently, the president’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, where things went so off the rails that the late-night host had to cut to a commercial? This is a guy so far gone that he once stated “that strength is inflation,” while attempting to brag about his administration’s supposed accomplishments.

Things are bad enough that Democrats have started to openly search for a 2024 alternative, recognizing that there’s no way Biden can be allowed to run again. And if Thursday’s episode is any indication, they should kick that search into high gear.

While commenting on the death of the CFO of Jo-Ann Stores, Biden’s lack of filter bit him again as he proclaimed that the man had “dropped dead.”

I don’t know who in the administration needs to hear this, but you don’t offer sympathies by noting that someone’s loved one “dropped dead.” That phrase is typically derogatory when talking about a person dying. It’s insensitive and is often used as an insult. Never in my life have I seen a public figure describe someone dying as them dropping dead. That the family was there in person makes it all the worse.


What is the president thinking? Does he have the ability to think? It’s pretty obvious he was speaking off the cuff because I highly doubt a handler would have been dumb enough to put such a remark in his teleprompter.

This is what happens when you have a President of the United States that is senile. Senile, old men do not have filters. Joe Biden does not have a filter. You do the math on that. This is a man who says all kinds of wild things because he’s so obviously incapable of tempering what he says. Telling loved ones that their family patriarch dropped dead? I mean, come on.


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