Joe Biden Tries to Blame Inflation on Republicans, His Senility Bites Him in the Backside

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The latest inflation report isn’t quite out yet, but it’s fair to assume it’s not going to be pretty. Inflation hit 8.5 percent in March, and April is promising to top 9 percent as prices continue to skyrocket across the country. The cost of a gallon of gas hit a new record high, and anyone who’s been to a grocery store in the last six months can attest to how dire the situation is.


Yet, what I think makes matters all the worse is that there’s no hope on the horizon. We do not have a president who is capable of pulling the economy out of this mess, and that’s mostly because Joe Biden is responsible for putting the economy in this mess. Any “solutions” he’s proposed have only promised to accelerate the pain.

That sad reality was on full display as Biden spoke on inflation on Tuesday morning. Ironically, while the president tried to dodge responsibility for his myriad failures, his senility jumped up and bit him in the backside, causing him to admit the obvious.

At first, I just laughed at this. Then I remembered that this person is the President of the United States and that inflation isn’t actually a laughing matter. The high cost of living is crushing the middle class, and it’s disheartening to know that the person most able to affect the path of the US economy is so far gone that he can’t even manage to lie properly. Here he’s trying to brag about the supposed strength of his economy and manages to admit that all he’s managed to build is inflation. So I guess the proper response here is to laugh and then cry.


In the other clip, we see Biden realize that he stepped on his own talking point by saying that his party has total power before fumbling about, asserting otherwise. But Democrats do own all three branches of government, and by virtue, they own whatever happens in the nation. That’s what being in power means. Parties don’t get to be in power and then pretend they aren’t in control.

Past the mental breakdowns, when the president did manage to read his teleprompter properly, he delivered ridiculous lines like this.

It is a total lie that Republicans want to “raise taxes” and lower the income of Americans. In fact, it’s such a lie that even Glenn Kessler, the notoriously biased fact-checker at The Washington Post, has said that it’s a lie.

For context, Sen. Rick Scott of Florida did propose, on his own via a statement (not a filed bill), some kind of minimum tax so everyone has skin in the game. That proposal has zero support. The leadership is not behind it, it’s not going to come up for a vote, and I haven’t seen a single other Republican say they want to enact it. In short, there is no truth to the idea that the GOP wants to raise taxes.


Lastly, I’ll end with a clip of Biden just being his general creepy self.

I’m not sure I want Biden tasting anything around me, but I digress.

We are long past the point of Biden’s statements being pathetic. When a president is failing this badly, it is a terrible look to take to the podium and continually make excuses. Americans want leadership right now. They want a plan. They don’t want lies about Republicans wanting to raise taxes. Biden will not give them those things, though, because that would mean admitting he’s wrong and changing course. He’s too controlled by his far-left handlers for that to happen.



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